Top ten stories in 2013

As 2013 has drawn to a close we thought we’d take a look back over the last year and see which blog articles you all enjoyed reading the most. We cover a wide range of topics from map reading skills and walks in the great outdoors to how councils are using our data to grit the streets – so let’s see which came out top…

1. Map reading skills – we ran a series of articles in March covering grid references, using a compass and map symbols and they proved very popular. The good news is that you can brush up on your skills by reading the articles again here. We’ll also be running another series of free map reading workshops at Cotswold Outdoor stores across Britain in 2014 – watch this space for dates and times.

Looking up Southampton Water in the Minecraft map of Great Britian

Looking up Southampton Water in the Minecraft map of Great Britain

2. Minecraft map of Great Britain – one of our interns, Joseph Braybrook, used some of our OS OpenData products to create a scale map of Great Britain in Minecraft – and we released it for free download. The map proved hugely popular – take a look at the world and its 22 billion blocks for yourself.

3. Map design: a list of helpful online resources – our talented Carto Design team pulled together a list of the tools and resources that they refer to and use regularly and sorted them into four categories: colours, fonts, symbols and map inspiration.

4. England’s new 2000ft mountain – find out how Thack Moor became a mountain via guest blogger Myrddyn Phillips.

5. OS Terrain 50 launched  – OS OpenData users and developers gained access to a new fully maintained analytical height product called OS Terrain 50, available in grid and contour format.

6. Our first ever app, OS MapFinder, launched – 2013 saw us launch iOS and Android versions of our first ever app. Expect to see new features and upgrades in 2014.

7. New Linked Data service launches – we launched the next iteration of our Linked Data service athttp://data.ordnancesurvey.co.uk in spring 2013.

8. Find the best places to live in Great Britain – when we saw an article in The Times about the 30 best towns in Great Britain, it sparked our imaginations at Explorer House and we wanted to see them laid out on a map, so we used OS OpenSpace to do just that.

9. OS OpenData masterclasses for 2013 – our series of masterclasses remain popular as we travel around Britain helping people to make the most of open data. Watch this space for 2014 dates.

10. Football fan maps – we came across this great use of Ordnance Survey maps to display an answer to a very old question – where do the supporters of different football teams actually live?

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