Top tips for using OS getamap

OS getamap features

Silverlight viewer

When you start OS getamap for the first time, it checks whether you have the Microsoft Silverlight browser plugin installed. If you don’t have it already you’re prompted to install it.



Type in the names of places, postcodes, attractions, other points of interest, and landscape features – OS getamap will take you to the point on the map.

Map views

Map views

Swap between different types of maps by clicking these tabs. The grid reference shown is marked by a small red circle on the map.

Moving around the maps

Use the map control in the top left hand corner of the map screen to zoom in and out, and pan around the maps, or point at the map and hold down the right mouse button to drag the map around. If your mouse has a wheel you can use it to zoom in and out of the maps.



The black toolbar in the top right-hand corner of the map screen has all the functions you need to make routes on the map. If you hover over each icon it tells you what it does.

Clicking an icon ‘activates’ it and highlight it in white, when you’re finished you need to ‘de-activate’ it by clicking it again before to move onto to doing something else on your map.

Making your first route

Search or browse to a place on the map and click the draw route ‘pencil’ icon in the toolbar. This will make a blue flag appear on the spot you’ve clicked, this is your start point. Next, click other points on your map to insert waypoints. When you create a waypoint, a blue line will join it to the last marked point on your map to create your route.

Route summary

Once you’ve made a route you can get estimated timings, elevation (height profile) and see waypoint information. You can use the utilities section on the toolbar to save your route, print it or email a link to it.

Main menu options

On my map – once you’ve made some routes, and optionally added points of interest, they will appear here. This is available to registered and subscribed users only and lists routes you’ve made for the area of the map you’re looking at.

Find a route – you can see routes added by other OS getamap users, over 140,000 of them, authored routes from the AA, Country Walking and Trail magazine. The routes will show for the area of the map you can see in the map window.

Features – find things to do and places to go – OS getamap contains thousands of points of interest such as tourist attractions, accommodation, pubs, etc. Clicking on this menu shows categories for everything there is to see and do in your selected area of the map.

On my map – once you’ve made or selected some routes they’ll be shown here with any points of interest you’ve added.

Get driving directions – when visiting an area, even if it’s near you, or going for a short break or holiday, walking, cycling or running trip, it helps to know how to get there. With our direction finder you can get the shortest route and plot points along the way that you might want to visit.

Weather – our unique localised weather service is ‘geo-coded’ so you get the local weather for wherever you select on the map. It also changes as you move between local weather areas.

My handheld device – if you have a Garmin GPS device you can sync routes between OS getamap and your Garmin software. If you have another type of handheld device you can still import GPX or KML route files using the icon on the toolbar or export routes from the ‘On my map’ menu.

Waypoints and markers

How to use waypoints and markers

You can put waypoints along your route to help you navigate or to highlight points where you have to make decisions. You can insert any number of markers on your map to show viewpoints, meeting places or rest stops – or anything you like.

• You can add waypoints along your route by simply clicking the next waypoint place on the map – your waypoints appear as small blue circles. When you’ve finished your route, don’t forget to de-select the ‘draw route’ icon on the black toolbar.

• You can move waypoints by clicking and holding down the left mouse button on the waypoint you want to move and dragging it to another point on your map.

• If you’ve made a mistake, or just want to remove a waypoint, click the eraser icon on the black toolbar, and then click on the waypoint you want to remove. Remember to de-activate the eraser by clicking it again on the toolbar or re-selecting the drawing icon to continue with your route.

• You can add markers by selecting the marker icon on the black toolbar and clicking on a point on your map.

• To add comments and upload a picture to waypoints and markers, make sure the icon is de-selected on the toolbar, and then simply click the waypoint to open the details in a pop-up box.

So next time you use OS getamap and come back after a day out, why not add some comments and any photos you’ve taken as a record of your route. You can also share your route by email with family and friends.

Route planning tools

In the second of our series on making the most of your OS getamap subscription (exclusively for subscribers), we’re looking at route planning tools that you can use to get further information and customise your display options.

How to use your route planning tools

To see the route summary and planning tools in OS getamap you need to click on a route that you’ve made – the tools appear underneath your main map viewing screen.

Route summary – provides a total distance, elevation range and estimated completion time using Naismith’s Rule for walking, and an adjusted version for running and cycling.

Route summary

Route settings – name your route, describe it, select the type of route it is (walking, running, cycling, other), change whether the route is private or public and show or hide the waypoints.

Route style – you can change the colour, thickness and transparency of the route. Changing the route style is particularly useful if you’re overlaying your route on rights of way or grading your routes by colour. It also gives you the freedom to mark a number of routes on your map and choose which route you take while you’re out exploring.

Elevation – provides a chart of the height profile of the route and each waypoint.

Height profile

So, next time you use OS getamap, why not check the route information and see what a difference you can make by using different route display options.

Using a GPS

How to use GPS routes in OS getamap

It’s easy to import and export routes from most GPS devices and if you have a Garmin device you can also synchronise your routes between your GPS and OS getamap.

Garmin GPS devices

• Install the latest Garmin Communicator browser plugin
• Select ‘More’ from the left-hand menu select in OS getamap then ‘My handheld devices’.
• Your Garmin will sync with OS getamap and you can import and export GPS routes to and from your device or onto your computer.

Using other handheld GPS devices

If you don’t have a Garmin GPS you can still import and export routes in GPX or KML format. Firstly, connect your device to your computer with a USB cable. To import a route click the ‘Import a GPX route data file’ icon on the getamap toolbar.

Import icon

You’ll see your GPS device listed as a drive with folders inside and then you just have to highlight the file to import it to getamap and show it on the map.

To export a route click on ‘On my map’ and then click ‘export’ under the route you want to export. You can then save this to your computer or directly onto your handheld device.

Saving your routes

Importing a GPS route data file is just like creating the route manually within getamap, so you can save your handheld device routes into your map folder to view or print later.

GPS waypoints and data points

Handheld GPS devices typically record either:

• waypoints that you set manually as you follow a route; or
• data points that are generated automatically by the GPS.

OS getamap can accept either a route made of waypoints or a track log using data points, up to a limit of 2,000 points.

Over a long route thousands of data points can be recorded. You can prevent too many data points being recorded by changing the default recording time setting in your GPS device settings.

How to see your route without waypoints

To see your route without waypoints in OS getamap; select your route on the map and go to the ‘Route Summary’ box at the bottom of the map window. In the ‘Route Settings’ tab you can turn off waypoints. The underlying data is still there, but they won’t show on your imported getamap route and you can also change the colour and weight of your route line using Route tools.

How to export a GPX route file

To export a route in OS getamap, click on ‘On my map’ and then click ‘export’ under the route you want to export. Select the GPX/KML option and then you can save this to your computer and send the GPX route file to us as an email attachment.

You can now share your routes with OS getamap and even import GPX files into OS MapFinder

The latest release includes new advanced sharing options including functionality to import and export to OS getamap, greater social media integration and the ability to sync routes between iOS devices.

Find out how to share routes and import GPX files with OS MapFinder on iOS or Android devices.

It is the essential app to bring the outdoors to life – plan, record and track your routes in complete freedom without the need for a 3G or WiFi connection.

Experience mapping in incredible detail with 660dpi resolution on a Retina® display – the clearest and sharpest imagery available.

Share routes

As an OS getamap subscriber you can share your routes with family and friends, send them to a group to show meeting places and proposed routes for walks, trail runs, bike paths, etc and send your routes to other email addresses.

How to share an OS getamap route

• If you create a new route you’ll be prompted to save your map before you can send it to anyone.
• Click on the route you’d like to share and select the ‘Email’ icon from the toolbar.

Email route

• The ‘Share a map’ dialogue box appears…

Share a map

• Enter the email address of the person you want to share the map with, or send to multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma.
• You can also opt to send a copy to your own email address, and add your own personalised message.
• Click the ‘Send’ button.
• A message tells you that your map has been sent successfully and an email will be sent to each address containing a link to your shared route.

To share a map in OS getamap it has to contain a route; however, you can create a route containing just a single waypoint on your map and it will still be sent.

Once an OS getamap route has been sent by email, the link to the route can be shared in other places:

• you can share with your Facebook® followers;
• share on Twitter – make a short URL with something like TinyURL and tweet it; and
• use it on your own website, forum or blog.

You can also choose to share your routes with other OS getamap users

• Open the map or route you’d like to share.
• Click the ‘Route information’ tab.
• Select the radio button marked ‘Sharing – This route is public (other getamap users can see it)’.

Public route

That’s all there is to it; why not try sharing a route today and make the most of your OS getamap subscription?

Print route card

How to print route card information

OS getamap stores a lot of useful information about your routes that can be viewed within the application, but it can also be printed out and saved.

Data is stored for every waypoint you create such as: the OS Grid Ref, latitude and longitude, elevation (height in metres and feet), distance from the start (in metres and yards) and any comments or photos you’ve added. The elevation data is also used to create a visual profile of your route.

Generate your route card information

• Create a route and save it, or open one from your map folder
• To see route information click, anywhere on the route; the details appear below the map screen
• Click the print icon on the black toolbar, then click the ‘Print’, ‘Preview’, and ‘Print’ buttons. Note that you don’t have to actually print the route, you can just cancel it when the print dialogue box appears if you wish.
• This creates 2 files; a) a file containing your map and route, and b) your route summary information

Print and save route card information

• Go to your Map Folder

Map folder

• Select the ‘Purchased Maps’ tab (OS getamap regards your prints as a purchase, but they are free to subscribers)
• Click the ‘View Routes’ button (beneath the PDF icon)

Purchased maps

• A PDF file opens showing all your route summary information including detailed route card data, elevation graph, comments and photos.

Route summary

Route card

Note: the files stay in the purchased map tab of your map folder for 24 hours, but you can generate them again at any time by following the steps above.

Once you’ve opened the PDF file it can be printed or saved onto your computer for future reference, or to take with you to supplement your map and route.

You can also do the same for ready-made routes provided by the AA, Country Walking magazine and Trail magazine that contain the route plus all the supplementary waypoint information such as directions and things to see along the way.

Give it a try – it’s yet another way to make the most of your OS getamap subscription.

Points of interest

OS getamap contains the VisitBritain database of over 40,000 points of interest and local attractions such as castles, historic houses, museums, parks and gardens, as well as hotels, B&Bs, and places to eat and drink direct from the Good Pub Guide.

To see the points of interest on your map:

• search for your location
• click ‘Features (pin to map)’ on the left-hand menu
• select from the categories displayed
• the number of items found in each category is shown for the map area in view
• selecting a category puts the feature pins onto your map – zooming out to cover a wider area will show more pins
• clicking on a pin opens a pop-up box with brief details, clicking the ‘More Information’ link opens the full record
• the features and weather on the left-hand main menu change to match your map location

Adding feature pins to your maps:

• when you select a category, all the pins for items in that category are shown on your map
• you can click the links to ‘Hide’ any of the pins you don’t need, and ‘Show’ them if you change your mind
• to make the pins become part of your saved map you need to click the orange pin symbol next to the item on the menu (labelled ‘pin me on map’) – the pin changes to a numbered pin to show it’s attached

Don’t forget, with OS getamap you can also:

• personalise your routes by adding comments and photos to all your waypoints and markers by simply clicking them once and filling in the pop-up box (make sure you have deactivated the route drawing icon)
• select ‘More’, then ‘Weather’ from the left-hand menu to check the weather forecast for your destination before you go, with the latest local data from the Met Office’s nearest weather station

Manage map folder

With OS getamap you can save and manage your maps and routes in your own dedicated map folder. Here’s how…

What you can save to your map folder:

• your route, along with the map section
• points of interest you’ve pinned on the map
• comments and photos you’ve added to waypoints and markers

Saving a map to your map folder:

• when you’ve finished plotting your route, and added any extra information, click the disc icon called ‘Save this map to your map folder’ under ‘Utilities’ on the toolbar
• give the route a name under ‘Map name’ and select the category you wish to save the map against
• you can also ‘Add new category’ and save the route in a custom category
• click ‘Add’ if you are adding a new category and / or click ‘Save’ to save the map to your map folder

Accessing your saved maps:

• in the toolbar under ‘Maps’ click the folder icon called ‘Open a saved map from your map folder’
• within your map folder you can manage your route, for example, re-categorise a route or delete it
• when clicking on a route, it then opens in the OS getamap application

Authored routes

When you print an authored ‘ready-made’ route it gets saved in the ‘Purchased maps’ tab of your map folder for 24 hours, so that it can easily be recovered.

If you have created a route you can choose to keep it public or private so other OS getamap users can see it or not. Any public routes you want to add waypoints to can be edited by saving it to your map folder.

No.8 – How to make links into OS getamap

Link into OS getamap

You can use the map navigation tools within the OS getamap application such as map views, search and zoom and pan tools, but if you have a website you can also ‘deep link’ to specific points, places or routes within the maps.

Deep linking can help your website users to find locations, routes that you’ve made and even create itineraries that can be shared with others.

There are several ways to ‘deep link’ into OS getamap, the instructions below tell you how to set them up. Note that when you ‘parachute’ into OS getamap you need to select the ‘Leisure’ map view tab to see the Ordnance Survey 1:25 000 and 1:50 000 views for printing.

Linking to OS getamap by grid reference

To link to a specific grid reference within getamap please use the format http://www.getamap.ordnancesurveyleisure.co.uk/?gr=xxxxxxxx where xxxxxx is the grid reference you wish to use. The grid reference should contain the 2 letter 100km prefix and from 4 to 8 numbers.

For example http://www.getamap.ordnancesurveyleisure.co.uk/?gr=NY341150 will link straight to grid reference NY 341 150 (summit of Helvellyn in the Lake District).

Linking to OS getamap by latitude and longitude

To link to a specific latitude and longitude point (in the WGS84 system) you can use the link format http://www.getamap.ordnancesurveyleisure.co.uk/?lat=xxxxxx&lon=yyyyyy where xxxxxx and yyyyyy are the latitude and longitude you wish to use in decimal degrees.

Note that for longitude OS getamap assumes this is easterly, so most of Great Britain will be negative for longitude. The latitude and longitude may use up to 6 decimal places.

For example http://www.getamap.ordnancesurveyleisure.co.uk/?lat=50.937736&lon=-1.470518 will link straight to Latitude 50.937736 Longitude -1.470518 (Ordnance Survey Headquarters).

Linking to getamap by point of interest

To link to a specific Point of Interest please first find the point of interest and click on it to display its call-out box. Then click on the ‘More Information’ link to see the advanced Point of Interest page. On this page please click on the ‘Find on map’ button.

This will open a new OS getamap window. In the address bar the link for that specific Point of Interest will appear and can be used to link directly to the Point of Interest in getamap.

For example http://www.getamap.ordnancesurveyleisure.co.uk/?poi=383 will link straight to Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

Linking to routes that you’ve made

If you’re an OS getamap subscriber or registered user you can create a link to a route and email it to someone else or to yourself. Then you can use the link in the email that’s received to link directly to the route and display it within the getamap application.

• create a new route, along with waypoint comments and photos if you want to
• save the route to your map folder (with the save button on the toolbar)
• click the email icon on the toolbar and enter the email address(es) that you want to send to send the route link to
• copy the url (website page address) contained in the email and make a link from it
• when the link is clicked it will open getamap and display your route.

The email link in the email will look like http://www.getamap.ordnancesurveyleisure.co.uk/?key=UQh15FRMMaXX46EEqd3YTw2.

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96 Responses

  1. Angella Rodgers

    I cannot even get onto Getamap at the moment, even though I have a subscription. The help ideas for solving the problem did not help me at all. Shame as I really wanted to use it at the weekend. Hope it is sorted soon.

  2. Tim

    It’s a great service, being able to view the maps and plot routes to export as gpx files is really useful. Being able to send someone a link to a particular route is also very useful.

    However, is getamap still in beta? I find it surprisingly buggy for something that you want people to pay for… On top of that, there’s a page encouraging me to subscribe, but it’s not really clear what extra I get if I subscribe. It doesn’t seem like I get very much for my money, but maybe I’m wrong. I’ve signed up for free and I have a tab called ‘Purchased maps’, but it has no indication of how to purchase them, what’s available for purchase, or why I’d want to purchase them (I seem to be able to see 25k and 50k mapping for the whole country for free, why would I want to purchase them?).

    My final bit of feedback is about the ‘find a route’ feature. It shows all the routes available in the area I’m currently looking at, but when I click on one it zooms in to it, meaning that it recalculates the list of routes to show the ones in the new area (which will usually be just the route you’ve clicked on). This makes it really hard to browse through a list of routes (I want to be able to click on each one in turn, zooming to each in turn, but keeping the original list so I can keep clicking through the list).

    1. Tom

      Hi Tim. Thanks for your message. There are a number of benefits to having a subscription. It allows you to print unlimited A4 maps at different scales with your routes and waypoints (with your added photos and notes) on. You can also view your maps in full screen and customise your route styling while using the advanced route planning tools so that you can multiple routes to your map with different line colours, widths and transparency. This is great for giving you the freedom to choose which route to follow while you’re out with your print. As a subscriber, you can also hook up a GPS device and import and export all of your routes to and from OS getamap.

      The ‘purchased maps’ tab relates to another benefit of a subscription. The OS getamap database has over 250,000 authored routes for you to use and try, including authored routes with waypoints and places to visit from the AA, the Good Pub Guide, Country Walking and Trail Magazine to help plan days out. These authored routes are all available free to subscribers, but they must be paid for otherwise. If you decide to purchase one of these authored routes, you can choose your scale and the map would be added to your purchased maps folder. As a subscriber though, you can arrange all of your routes into your own map folder, which you can customise and categorise.

      On the ‘find a route’ feature, try clicking on the flag rather than the name of the route in the main menu. This should enable you to see the route without the map zooming in. I hope this is helpful, Tom.

  3. Tony

    I’m a subscriber, but when I try to print an A4 map the actual print occupies only part of the page – not full A4. Is there a way of printing to full A4 size?

    1. Neil Scott

      I have the same problem, even now with OS Maps, I need to select 150% on the effects pane of the print dialogue to get a full page but would rather that OS Maps did it properly.

      1. Neil Scott

        Feel free to delete/drop my previous comment (1 August, 2015 at 09:25 ) about 150%, it is caused by Firefox.

    1. Hi Paul

      Currently, OS getamap only works on laptops and PCs that can use Silverlight, so as you say, it isn’t compatible for use on most smartphones or tablet devices. We will be working on OS getamap this year and are likely to move away from Silverlight as the platform, but we don’t have a specific date to share with you as yet.

      Many thanks

      1. John

        Hi Gemma,

        As we are now into November, any news on when we might be able to start using getamap on i pads, etc?



        1. Hi John

          Apologies for the delay in responding, this one slipped through the net. Our development team are working on that and hope to be moving onto testing soon, first internally, and then externally. Do keep an eye out for testing opportunities should you be interested in getting involved.

          Thanks, Gemma

        1. Hi Bob

          Current OS getamap subscribers are able to access the replacement service at the moment – and that works across PC, iPad, Android and so on. Keep an eye on our blog and we’ll let you know when this is more widely available.

          Thanks, Gemma

  4. Gavin

    Getamap wont open on my laptop. I get a Loading….screen covering the Getamap page. I got the subscription in October and haven’t been able to use it fault free once!! Not impressed.

  5. A

    Apologies for the off-topic comment. I hear you are working on an overhaul of getamap, is it possible that there may be an opening in the near future for an outdoorsy type software developer on the team?

  6. I have been using OS getamap in my laptop and I think it is working pretty well. Great help and assistance. Thanks for sharing these tips, however I think it is quite easy to understand and is user friendly.

  7. Eliot

    Hi there,

    I’ve just been looking at printing quite a long route. It seems I can only frame and print one page at a time. After hitting print, the map I was viewing disappears and I need to reload the entire map, then frame and print my next image… Hopefully I’ve just missed something obvious or this is going to take a while!

    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Eliot
      If you are using Chrome, after you have selected File>Print then select ‘Change’ and switch to ‘Microsoft XPS Document Writer’ to generate a PDF file, and try printing that. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, I’d suggest you contact Customer Services on 08454 56 04 20 between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday and they can talk through it with you.

  8. Graham

    When I print a downloaded map it is not to scale, and the grid squares are larger than they should be. Any suggestions ? Thanks

  9. Sarah

    I’ve subscribed, plotted my route, saved it, added my own points of interest (with comments) etc – all very successful (if a little time consuming!) BUT…
    when I print the pdf points of interest or route card, neither has my info on it. All I get is the points of interest that I added from your list but not the ones I spent time creating by filling in the comments boxes with my research info. sooooooooooooooo frustrating! Each one is saved as I have logged out and back in and I have emailed the info successfully,. Please tell me there is a straightforward solution… I have read through loads of help info to no avail.

    1. Tom

      Hi Sarah – you will be able to see the comments you’ve added to waypoints on your route card (though unfortunately this is only for waypoints, not for the purple markers) . The screenshot below should help – as when you add a comment to your waypoint and, the comment you’ve made is shown under the waypoint on your route card. It may be easier to call our Customer Services team on 0345 4560420 to talk through the process, or we could put together a short video to show you if you would prefer?

  10. caroline mcdonald

    Cannot print a map without being sent to a blank white screen after the print dialogue and then getting froaen out of the site so tried this ….If you are using Chrome, after you have selected File>Print then select ‘Change’ and switch to ‘Microsoft XPS Document Writer’ to generate a PDF file, and try printing that.
    Great as I can print and save a map but I am still stuck with a white screen each time and need to go out and back to browser and regoogle getamap , a nightmare for larger area prints and terribly frustrating/timeconsuming. What else can i try?

    1. Tom

      Hi Caroline, I’ve tried to replicate the problem but wasn’t able to do so. The best thing to do is talk through the issue with our Customer Services team. They can be reached on 0345 4560420.

  11. Eddie

    Can you clarify two points about printing – (before I subscribe).
    The online information mentions I can do ‘A4 Printing’ but what if my route takes a number of A4 pages?
    Does the software tile the route onto multiple pages or cram it all onto one?
    Also as I am getting on a bit I like my maps to be printed larger than your Explorer maps so I can see the details but this means many more pages – can I zoom to any size I like and print out the entire route on multple pages – OS web site is not clear on this
    It could be useful for people with disabilities and I already find the Explorer maps are too small and hard to read.

    1. Hi Eddie. You can print as many maps as you need to cover your route however, there is no way for Getamap to automatically print each section of the route. You will need to manually move the printing area for each section.

      You can use the “print to fit” option during the printing process to get a more enlarged print if you need one. The print to fit option works in the same way as zooming in and out in the leisure view, there are four zoom levels, the closest two zoom levels to the ground will be Explorer 1:25000 mapping and as you zoom out it will switch to Landranger 1:50000. It prints what is being displayed rather than printing it to scale, meaning that you can get a print showing only a couple of kilometres on it.

      1. Eddie

        Thanks Jonathan
        If it prints out a size suitable for my poor old eyes to read it then I’ll give it a go 🙂

  12. Scott

    Hi there, I have just subscribed to the year long subscription. I wanted to email the maps to my works email so that I can use a good quality laser printer but disappointingly just discovered that when I send the maps to my work PC it only sends a link. I can’t install the software on my works PC so now am stuck with not being able to print my maps as wanted. Can the maps be saved on a usb stick or will I just encounter the same problem again? Shame as I was looking forward to using these maps this weekend.

    1. If you cannot get OS getamap on your work PC (most will work, if you are able to install the Silverlight plugin), you could try printing to a PDF file. Many PCs now have this built in, or you can get an add-on. It works as an additional printer on your system, allowing you to create a PDF file you can email.

  13. Pingback : Ordnance Survey getamap Review

  14. Jill

    I have been told you can print an A4 sized 1:25 map on the OS site free of charge. I only need to do this 4 or 5 times a year. Is it true that I can do this free of charge. And how do I do it please.

    1. Tom

      Hi Jill,

      If you are an OS getamap subscriber, you can print 1:25 000 and 1:50 000 scale maps for free – an annual subscription costs £17.95. However, if you are only looking to print A4 maps 4 or 5 times a year, you can register for free and print smaller A5 maps free and pay £1.99 per individual A4 print as and when you need them.

      Thanks, Tom.

  15. Maria


    I was thinking of getting this for my daughter to use in her GCSE geography fieldwork as she has to use ICT as part of it and also maps in different scales showing the location of the are she is studying. Would this be possible and can she print the maps out?


    1. Hi Maria. Yes, registered users can print out small sections of maps, and subscribers can print out full A4 sheets. If you register you can try most of the functions before subscribing.

  16. James Harrison


    Is it possible to import a GPX file from my computer and see the subsequent route on the OS map, or does it only work when connected to a GPS device?

    I have tried to import on both Firefox and Safari, but no route is shown after selecting Open from the dialogue box.

    I also tried a KML file, but that produced nothing as well.

    Any ideas welcome.

    1. Hi James. You should be able to import a GPX file from any source – direct from a GPS or saved file. Try:

      • Open new maps
      • Import a route
      • Zoom out until you see the small blue flag representing the route on the main map
      • Zoom back in on that area

        If this still does not work, it may be something odd in the GPX file is preventing the import. If you email it to customer services at customerservices@ordnancesurvey.co.uk and they can have a look!

    1. Hi Chris – contact our customer services team. One of the OS getamap experts should be able to work out what’s happening. It’s usually something like an incompatible file format or similar.

  17. Brian Wilson

    Hi, I am interested in taking out a subscription to Get A Map, but need the following confirming: I need to plan my walks on 1:25000 maps are these available for the UK on the Get A Map subscription

  18. Geoff S

    Hi I am looking to buy the Garmin GPS 64 and use your OS Getamap. In order to use Getamap what maps do I need to have on the Garmin GPS 64? When you sync the route with the Garmin does it send the map as well as the route?

    1. When we talk about syncing, what you actually sync is a file with a set of data for the route. These files contain information on the route that allow it to be created in almost any compatible mapping system, on any map scale as they contain lots of lat/long points connected into a route. Both Garmin devices and OS getamap recognise the very common GPX file format allowing you to easily move planned or recorded routes between devices and systems.

      The actual map files used by each brand of GPS are unique to them, and while many use OS maps, they also offer maps from other countries and other suppliers which are then formatted to display properly on that device. It’s quite complex as the device needs to ‘know’ how the picture of the map relates to the underlying GPS data.

      In short: you need a suitable map from the device manufacturer, in addition to OS getamap. The Garmin 50K maps available in the GPSMAP 64 bundle are suitable for most uses, but you can buy 1:25k scale maps from the Garmin shop as well.

  19. Terry

    Hi, I would like to have the ability to tidy up my map folder since over time it becomes top-heavy with routes, some of them duplicated and some in the wrong categories. If only I could manipulate the folder in a straightforward way that I am used to, along the lines of a file manager. I hope you bear this in mind in your new version.

  20. Marc

    Is it possible to sort ascending the routes and points of interest? Mine are all numbered, but the current sort order is when they were added, not the number I have given it. Thanks

    1. Tom

      Hi Marc, when you are in your map folder, you can use the drop-down menu in the top-right corner to order your maps. If you have numbered your routes in ascending order, (e.g. the name of the route is “Route 1 – …”), then sorting by title will order these as you want them to be. Hope this helps.

      1. Marc

        Thanks for answering Tom. However these routes are in a single map. So when I have a map open, these show in the “on my map” section, down the left. Can I re-order these?

        1. Tom

          Hi Marc – the best way to reorder the routes within one saved map is to export each route using the button under the route title, then hit the new map icon in the toolbar and re-import them in the order you want them to show.

  21. Jools gala

    Hi – I’m mapping the Thames 250 ring route for my partner who is running the race this June. Last week I mapped 46miles & have come back in today to carry on. I returned to the saved route but have noticed that the mileage has started at 0 today & not carried on from 46miles. How do i join the routes?
    Thank you.

    1. Tom

      Hi Jools,

      If you’ve already drawn the second part of the route, the easiest way to join them up would be to export the two routes (your first 46 mile segment and the new segment you’ve added) and re-import them as a single GPX file. Our Customer Services team can help you with this, so if you email Gordon at customerservices@ordnancesurvey.co.uk and attach the two routes you’ve already created, this can be done.

      When you next want to add to an existing route, load the route from your map folder and click on the most recent waypoint – you can then use the pencil icon to continue drawing where you left off. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi William. In top top right, under ‘maps’ click the ‘new map’ option, then click to to stop any changes being saved. This will remove all routes.

  22. Laraine Wyn-Jones

    Hi, I’ve mapped an entire route and want to break the route information down into various days. How can I do this? I can’t seem to add markers in to differentiate between sections. Also, how do I add new waymarkers in? Each time I try, it just draws a line from the end of the route. Thanks

    1. If you have created it as a single route, the best option is to add marker points for the stops. In the top toolbar use the tool ‘add a marker to your map” – it look like a purple pin with a star. Click on this then click on the map to add a pin.

      If you want to add details, de-select the ‘add marker’ by clicking on it again, then click on a market to get the edit option, where you can add titles, comments and photos.

  23. Dan

    Hi Tom

    If I create a route on get-a-map and download it onto my garmin handheld gps will the map I used to create it download as well or will the route just show up on the maps I have installed on my device? If the later is there anyway of downloading maps from get-a-map (I’m after 1:25000) or do I have to buy the full GB package to get this functionality?

    Many thanks


    1. The download from getamap is just the route (you can even open the file in a text editor – it’s a series of lat/long points). This will then display on top of whatever map you have on the device. Garmin basemaps are not really enough to navigate by, so have as look at the various OS mapping options from Garmin. Maps for Garmin devices are created by Garmin, but based on the best data for the country – us in the case of the UK. We have a couple of options available in the shop, and there are some more available directly from Garmin.

    1. Yes – for the UK have a look at our own OS MapFinder and OS Maps apps. They are available to work with iOS (Apple) and Android devices. OS Maps is designed to work along with a paper map purchase or an annual subscription. OS MapFinder allows you to make one-off purchases of tiles in the areas that you need. Both are available as free downloads.

  24. jyothi

    I’m a subscriber, but when I try to print an A4 map the actual print occupies only part of the page – not full A4. Is there a way of printing to full A4 size?

    1. It sounds like the issue is being caused by your internet browsers page settings. You will need to find the “page setup” button, which is generally under the button which says “file” in the top left of your browser.

      Once you have found the “page setup” button you should then find a tick box which will say something along the lines of “shrink to fit”, make sure this box is ticked. Also make sure that the paper orientation is set to portrait and apply the new settings, then restart your browser. Apply the new settings, then restart your browser.

      You will also need to make sure that when your printer dialogue box displays, before your map prints, that it is also set to portrait (even if you have selected a landscape map) as Getamap automatically prints in the orientation that you have selected.

      Please be aware that as a subscriber, you now have access to our new service OS Maps. OS Maps is our replacement for OS getamap. We plan on fully withdrawing OS getamap towards the end of July. You can access OS Maps at the following link: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/osmaps/

      If you require any further assistance, please contact our Customer Services Team: Telephone (08:30 – 17:30 Mon – Fri): (0)3454 560420 Email: CustomerServices@os.uk

  25. rebecca

    I have been encountering a problem with saving routes on the OSmaps site. I have succeeded with the same account previously, but now find that the site returns ‘save failed’ every time I try to save a custom route. I use Linux Mint 17 and have tried the site with the up to date versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera, as well as on Windows operating system. I disabled any security settings that may be intering with the running of the site. Can you give me some guidance? Thank you

    1. Hi Rebecca. I’ve mostly seen this before where the current session has expired – unfortunately at the moment this gives no warning. Logging out and back in will normally resolve this, but it may be useful to clear cookies and cache too. If this does not work it may be an issue with Linux Mint as it’s probably not a system the developers would regularly test – if this is the case I will see if we can determine the cause.

  26. kris

    As a subscriber, is it possible simply to select a rectangle of map and print it, without actually creating a route? How?

  27. Charles Pratt

    Anyone help, using OS maps to record a route on my android phone but when I save the file it’s way to large to import to OS maps on my computer, how do you reduce the number of way points on the route so as to make the file importable?

  28. Does anyone know why the menu screens are blank on my apple version of OS getamap?

    I can’t see a tool bar to get started either?
    The find me icon doesnt work and the routes are all blank!

    Do I need to download something to make this work?


  29. Harry

    I am trying to print out a route that I imported from a gpx file on at 1:25000 map. If I just print it the waymarks are enormous blobs that hide the route. I cannot see a way to hide the waymarks. If I edit the route and set the line width and colour a nice line appears just as I want it to appear. However the print button is now grayed out and only the save button is active. When I save the map reverts to large blobby waymarks. Als when it saves it moves the map a bit out of the print area . When I drag it back in I have to save it before I print and then it moves it again. I am going round in circles!

    I am on Mac 10.10.5
    Thanks for any help

  30. David A

    I am trying to print my routes in Windows 10 using Edge including a short route card (no waypoints). That’s two pages. On preview I can see the two pages. When I actually want to print using either Microsoft print to PDF or my Canon printer it says there is only one page (the map). This occurs most of the time but, once in a while, it gives me both pages. To have another chance I have to close the system down and load everything from scratch but even that rarely works. Any ideas?

    1. Hi David

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve just run this past my colleagues in Customer Services and they’re not aware of any specific issues with Windows 10 and Edge with the route card. They’ve recommended trying another browser and seeing if the behaviour changes. They’ve also suggested checking the page settings on the browser as this is what is used to create the prints. One other thing which may point to the intermittent nature of this may be that one or two routes are broken and the others are fine. They’ve asked you to confirm if the print always works/does not work on any given route or does this sometimes work for any given route?

      We can’t exchange any files via the blog, so it may be better to email my colleagues at customerservices@os.uk so that they can look into this further for you. They’ve suggested that you could send in the route (export it from OS Maps) and they can see if there is anything wrong with the route.

      Many thanks

  31. Neil McCole

    Have plotted and saved a new route on map on 18 August. But when I try to print, receive a message stating “cannot load map”.

    However am able to print maps plotted previously.

    1. Hi Neil

      I’ve checked with our Customer Services team and they’ve said that they aren’t aware of any specific issues with printing at this present time. They’ve asked if you could try the same action through another browser and see if it does the same thing?

      If it does work in one browser but not the other, this would indicate a browser issue – try clearing cookies and cache in the affected browser to see if this helps. If the problem persists regardless of browser used we may need to log in on your account and see if we get the same issue – if you can provide full details via email to the team, they’ll investigate further. Their email is customerservices@os.uk

      Many thanks

  32. Muthu

    Hi all,

    Muthu here, I am new to OS map. As a android Application developer I would like to know,

    ====Is it possible to draw route map between two or more gridpoints====

    If possible,

    I would like to add OS map in my android project. Hence I should show User Home /Current Location to User Office Location driving route. I can able to draw polyline between two grid points, but which is not correct path. I need to draw a path between two grid points via road map. Can anybody help to draw this route.

    Thanks in advance,

  33. Tom Morris

    Hi. How do you place a marker pin on OS maps? I am a subscriber.

    You used to be able to this easily using getamap.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Tom

      Marker pins on OS Maps was under development, it wasn’t part of the earlier releases. We have forward your comment along to the development team and will update if we have a date for release.

      Many thanks

  34. Matthew Baker

    Hi, I’ve tried sending a message to customer services through the website but get
    the page/link no longer exists when submitting a message.

    I am a premium subscriber of the online OS Maps.
    I am unable to print any maps or routes on 25K or 50K leisure maps receiving the following error “Cannot load print map”.
    This occurs on both Windows 7, Windows 10 and MacOS computers using both Firefox, Safari, and IE browsers. Browser history and cache have been cleared on all – this hasn’t made a difference.
    It is possible to print the standard map – but this is no use to me in this instance.
    Can you please advise if this is a technical or account fault as the tests I’ve explained above suggest its not a fault my end?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Matthew

      We are sorry to hear that you are unable to print from OS Maps at the moment. This problem has been caused by a bug in the system, and our technical team are currently working to fix the issue as soon as possible. In the interim, you may be able to print the map you require by using the ‘Print screen’ function on your keyboard.

      We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

      Many thanks

  35. Charles

    I am a recent premium subscriber and have printed a couple of maps already on my Mac. However I have been trying to print more maps this weekend and keep getting “Cannot load print map”.

    1. Hi Charles

      We are sorry to hear that you are unable to print from OS Maps at the moment. This problem has been caused by a bug in the system, and our technical team are currently working to fix the issue as soon as possible. In the interim, you may be able to print the map you require by using the ‘Print screen’ function on your keyboard.

      We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

      Many thanks

  36. Mark Hardy


    I have purchased online mapping today and I am getting the same error message as the 2 issues above “Cannot load print map”. I am using a Mac and have tried both Chrome & Safari.

  37. Fred

    Using Samsung S7 Nougat.
    When I try to track a route I just get straight lines point to point. Is it me?
    i.e path is not followed.

    1. Hi Fred,

      When you manually plot a route this does not automatically ‘snap’ to existing paths or tracks – you will get a straight line joining the dots where you tap on the screen. it may be better to record the route as this creates waypoints where you walk, provided you have your GPS and location services switched on. Please see the full FAQs for the Android App here- https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/shop/os-maps-app-faq-android.html#routes

      Many thanks

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