Carto Hack Camp

As a part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the British Cartographic Society, we announced a paid internship with our Cartographic Design and Development team.

Cart Hack Camp group

We decided to take this a stage further and offer as many people as possible the chance to spend a day working alongside us.

To achieve this, we set up Carto Hack Camp: A cartography-focussed hack day at our Explorer House head office.

The Carto Hack Camp begins

We had eighteen external attendees who were asked to work in teams of two or three, and in addition they were assigned some Ordnance Survey helpers. Each team was asked to choose one of three different briefs, designed to suit a wide range of backgrounds and abilities. Brief one focussed on cartographic styling, brief two was a GIS cartography exercise and brief three was more about visualisation, interaction and user experience. In essence, we asked the attendees to play the role of one of our cartographic design consultants for the day. They then each produced their own outputs.

Hack campers learning about the day

The range of ideas was wonderful and a mixture of abilities and skills made the day a great success. Some people had their eyes on taking up an internship with us, whereas others had come to learn. This turned out to be a very healthy mix.

A huge thank you goes to everyone who attended for being so passionate and for making the day a terrific event. The judges were very impressed with the high standards and particularly by how much everybody managed to achieve in a single day. Congratulations go to the winning team, of Kathryn Elsby, Henry Holbrook and Michael Sharp, also known as ‘Rock Solid’. Their work scored very well for meeting user requirements, being highly legible and for a good overall composition.

Rock Solid at the Carto Hack Camp

It was great to see a diverse set of young minds with such a strong shared enthusiasm for cartography. It was clear to see that the participants were not just learning from us but from each other too, and that includes our own staff. It was a very successful knowledge sharing event and everybody seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Coming in part two: Samples of the day’s work including a new gallery added to our Flickr sets, more about the internship and the lucky intern.

The winning team, Rock Solid

 Above, winning team, Rock Solid, presenting their work at the end of the day
From left to right: Kathryn Elsby, Michael Sharp and Henry Holbrook


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