Visualising customer data to provide valuable insights

In an increasingly competitive environment, customer experience is a fundamental business driver. One of the best ways to bring perspective of the customer to business decisions is by using data analysis to find correlations, isolate patterns and track trends to serve up the type of information to allow a company to tailor the customer experience for improved engagement and better profits.


Marketing software company, Citrus Analytics understand these drivers and provide an analytics suite, Zest, designed specifically for analysing customer data to explore, mine and distil findings into an action plan to make a tangible difference.

In essence, Zest helps to simplify ‘story telling’ and what better way to illustrate the story, than to use a map to show where customers live, the things they’re buying, their spend, which age group they fall into and see where specific products are more or less likely to be purchased and which parts of the country are under-represented on the customer database.

To support the story telling, Citrus Analytics chose OS OpenData products; Code-Point Open and 1:250 000 Scale Colour Raster to represent and display customer records.

‘The OS OpenData product range provides software developers with an extensive array of high quality components which can be used as the basis of valuable solutions in many industry sectors.

The OS OpenData products we’ve incorporated into our software fit well with our original idea of allowing marketing analysts to turn data into information as simply as possible.

I can see potential uses for a number of OS OpenData products, and will consider using them in the future. It is also interesting to consider what could be done with some of Ordnance Survey’s premium products, such as Code-Point with Polygons as it would allow the creation of heat maps at many levels of aggregation.’

Paul Hobbs, Founder,
Citrus Analytics.

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