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Ordnance Survey are delighted to be working in partnership with IC tomorrow. Based in London’s Tech City, they are a Technology Strategy Board programme that stimulates innovation and economic growth in the digital sector by breaking down barriers and opening doors for a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The programme serves as a hub for digital innovation, connecting start-ups and SMEs with leading commercial partners and investors across the UK, through funded contests, events, strategic matchmaking and mentoring opportunities.

IC tomorrow runs a range of funded contests across the digital and creative sectors. These contests are run in collaboration with leading partners who help to set relevant contest challenges that will encourage innovation in new digital applications or services. Ordnance Survey is one of those partners. Contest applicants can benefit from the funding that is awarded to successful companies to develop their proposed solutions and grow their businesses; gain from exposure to a range of leading content providers and rights holders; test their proposed application or service with those partner companies and organisations; promote their prototype solution via the IC tomorrow programme and retain their full intellectual property.

IC tomorrow, is offering five businesses up to £25k* each to encourage digital innovation in data. The Digital Innovation Contest – Data offers £125k across 5 awards to companies innovating in across the data sector. As well as the Ordnance Survey the partners include – Ingram Content Group, EE Limited, Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust and The British Library.

IC tomorrow will be awarding up to five businesses individual awards of up to £25k* for the development of a service or application under five challenge areas. One award is available in each of the following categories:

Geospatial data mapping Partner: Ordnance Survey

Processing data efficiently Partner: Ingram Content Group

Commercialisation of mobile data Partner: EE Limited

Data visualisation and analytic decision making Partner: Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust

Value of public-domain data Partner: British Library


Ordnance Survey

Geospatial Data Mapping – Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey’s Challenge

This challenge investigates the feasibility of implementing a next-generation 3D building data layer for location-based services within a mobile platform.

Location-based services are experiencing dramatic growth, becoming one of the dominant mobile applications. In order to meet a growing demand for such services, Ordnance Survey is in the process of developing a number of 3D location data products for Great Britain that also have the potential to support additional initiatives, such as Building Information Modelling and FutureCities.

Ordnance Survey proposes to provide 3D location data for trial areas in Great Britain, with a view to exploring new ways of combining their own 3D mapping data with photography and other building data for location-based services within mobile applications.

Successful applicants should consider:

  • How the data will be visualised;
  • Ways to enhance the aggregation of 3D building data with location-based services and advertising and wider mobile retail interaction and associated applications;
  • How consumers and commercial clients will interact and interpret that data;
  • The user experience for mobile tablet and wearable interfaces; and
  • Usage patterns from end-users as well as corporate clients.

Applicants might wish to consider:

  • Potential realisation of a user experience framework.
  • Visualised business-to-consumer, business-to-business and business-to-government user journeys.

The successful applicant will be provided with full 3D building data for a particular urban site and be invited to trial their proposed solution with Ordnance Survey for a minimum of three months, before potentially being commercialised more widely.

The successful applicant retains their intellectual property and may work with other industry partners.

More information can be found on the website.

*Individual awards will be a maximum of £25,000* each, excluding VAT.

Useful links

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– See more at: http://www.geovation.org.uk/ic-tomorrow-technology-strategy-board-network-digital-innovation-contest/#sthash.pBq8r40v.dpuf

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