June 25, 2014


Following The Countryside Code

Countryside CodeI’m sure you’ve heard of the countryside code – you’ll see frequent reminders to ‘Follow the Countryside Code’ in National Parks, on footpaths and near popular walking areas.

It was originally developed in the 1950’s as the Country Code, which became the Countryside Code in 2004 with some subsequent updates. It’s a series of rules and suggestions to help everyone enjoy the countryside while causing minimum disruption to wildlife, the environment and agriculture.

Here’s the Countryside Code summary:

  1. Be considerate of others
  2. Leave gates as you find them and follow paths where possible
  3. Keep it tidy – ‘leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but memories’
  4. Keep dogs under control
  5. Plan ahead and be prepared
  6. Follow advice and local signs

This is the full version of the Countryside code:
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