June 27, 2014


Using maps for photography

To introduce myself briefly, my name’s Dominic and I’m a member of the team that manages the OS website. Landscape photography is one of my passions outside work and I suspect that it’s one shared by many of you here who enjoy the great outdoors. I took my first blurry shots at about the age of 10 on a second-hand Kodak instamatic camera that took 126 film. My first SLR followed in the late 90’s and I went digital in 2006, whereupon the number of photos I took increased exponentially. In this post, I’d like to share with you three ways in which maps help me as a photographer.

1 Deciding where to shoot

With summer now well upon us, my thoughts are turning to weekends away and longer holidays. There are many parts of Great Britain that I have yet to explore – as you’ll see below – and so I’d turn to a regional map to explore ideas in more detail. I also search sites like 500px.comand to browse through shots that other people have posted to identify landmarks I’d be interested in shooting in areas I don’t yet know. Read More