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map-floor-hay-on-wyeA recent article in The Times, confirmed what we already knew at map HQ – maps are the height of style right now. They said that maps are “both on trend and versatile: living room, bathroom or man cave – maps work anywhere.”

While, maps have traditionally been framed and hung on a wall, there appears to be an increasing variety in the way they are used. And we’re not talking small pieces anymore, maps are going HUGE! Our map floor at Hay-on-Wye festival last year was a big hit too.

One of our team, Gwyn, saw two massive examples recently, decorating a restaurant ceiling and (less surprisingly) at Craigdon Mountain Sports store in Inverness. There’s even a world map on the ceiling at my dentists – presumably to distract patients while we’re lying back and suffering in the dentist’s chair!


We’ve even spotted map-related styling on the catwalks with the Burberry show earlier this year – and on the high street, one of Gok Wan’s recent ranges for Sainsbury’s featured map prints on ladies tops.


One of the examples in The Times article was Ordnance Survey wallpaper, made by lovemapson.com. Their huge pieces could make a fantastic feature wall – using our historic maps, our much-loved OS Explorer Map or even the more urban, OS Street View.

We’ve pinned tens of examples on our Pinterest account of people around the world, using maps to create home décor, furniture, bags and even nails! But why are maps suddenly so on trend? The Times suggest that it’s because maps can be so much more personal than a standard piece of art and we tend to agree.

Maps can show places you live, have lived, holidayed and bring back fantastic memories. Map will often draw people in, encouraging them to stand close and spot places they recognise, or start a conversation about why you have the maps. They can also be inspirational, of places that you would like to visit in the future – and even educational, showing how areas have changes or teaching a sense of direction, so being a fantastic option for a child’s bedroom.

Where have you spotted maps recently? Tweet us your pictures by 5 pm on Thursday 31 July and we’ll send Ordnance Survey rucksacks to our five favourites.

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