A wild summer

Today’s guest blog is from Holly Barber, part of the Simon King Wildlife team.

filled-in-logoThe summer holidays are here. The kids have already been off for a couple of weeks and with the prospect of at least 4 weeks to go until they are back at school again you’re in need of ideas to keep them busy … fear not! We’re here to help!

Here are our top 5 suggestions for wild things to do this summer that will get you closer to your natural neighbours!


1. Explore your own area

An Ordnance Survey map offers you so much more information than just how to get from A to B. Your local OS Explorer map will show you where woodlands, grasslands, parks and streams and ponds are in your area. Can you find the blue duck symbol? This will show you where local nature reserves are. If you need help with your map reading skills – Simon has made these short films: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqgv5OMWKnYZVWSDHVp1Wwx7OFvrSO9nb

2. Discover life under water

Pond DippingPond dipping is a fab, fun way to discover what’s living in your local pond. All you need is a net, a container (to hold any bugs you catch so you can identify them before releasing them) and a magnifying glass (to get a better look at what you’ve found). If you’re heading to the coast – swap the pond for a rock pool and look for molluscs, crustaceans and fish! There are some great kits available at pocket money prices to help you get started.

3. Make a home for your natural neighbours

Wherever you are – from the top of a high rise in an urban area to a chocolate box cottage in the country – you can make your patch wildlife friendly. It could simply be by feeding the birds or planting wildlife friendly flowers to projects such as making a bug hotel, putting up a nest box or creating a wildlife pond.

4. Talk to the animals

A great way to get close up views of some our most timid wild creatures is through mimicry. If you’ve ever wanted to talk to the animals – watch this fun, interactive film and learn to talk to red deer, foxes, cuckoos and more … http://youtu.be/Hg4P1JwWBjU

5. Wildlife on the Web

210614bFor the days when going out isn’t an option, or when you’re back home in the evening – you can watch some of the wonders of British wildlife live on the internet. The network of live cameras on SimonKingWildlife.com offer you an insight into the lives of badgers, foxes, otters, red kites, grey heron, kingfisher and a whole host of mini critters that you may not otherwise see. You can even watch them on the go with any mobile device!

Wherever you go and whatever you do – have a wild summer!

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