Find off-road cycling routes in Hampshire with our new Activity Maps

Off-road cycling mapsWe’re often asked by holidaymakers and others wanting to discover more of the Great British outdoors near to their home, about the best way to see all that the local area has to offer, and about our favourite routes to follow. That got us thinking about how to use our mapping to help people find new activities and places to explore.

Following feedback asking us for easy to use and handle maps, showing existing routes with navigational guidance for those less confident with their map reading skills, we’ve partnered up with Hampshire County Council to create new, detailed off-road cycle maps – the first set of maps in a series that will cover Great Britain, focussing on five specific activities: off-road cycling, road cycling, road running, trail running and horse riding.

These new off-road cycle maps for Hampshire have grid references, a gradient profile and clear instructions that help with navigation, all overlaid on to 1:50 000 scale OS Landranger Mapping to give a clear picture of the route and surrounding area.

This first set of maps are available in four packs covering the North, East, South and West of Hampshire. Each pack contains up to nine pocket-sized maps displaying a range of routes which vary in length, terrain and difficulty and all have clear annotations and detailed turn-by-turn directions. The majority of the 33 different routes across the county are circular, follow Rights of Way and are signposted with the Hampshire Cycle Trail route markers.
Hampshire East Activity Map

For those less confident about exploring new areas, the grid references add reassurance and allow you to check your progress and position using our free OS Locate app. The turn-by-turn guidance and gradient profile also enable you to see the junctions, gates and stiles before you start, as well as getting a feel for how many hills you’re about to tackle!

If you’re out exploring the Hampshire countryside and want to stop for refreshments, you can quickly and easily check the route on OS getamap to view local attractions, eating and drinking establishments, places to stay, local events, other trails, and even weather conditions.

If you just want to sample one trail, you can buy and download a single route map as a high-resolution PDF file. This can be printed at home as often as you need, or displayed on-screen on a phone or tablet. With the downloadable version you also get a free copy of the GPX route file as well. This can be loaded into a GPS or mapping application to make it easy to follow the route without the printed map.

To try the new off-road cycle maps now, you can get them all from our online shop here. We’d love to hear your feedback on the new maps, so please do let us know your thoughts!

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5 Responses

    1. Tom

      Hi Andy, there are downloadable versions of the maps available in our shop here: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/shop/maps.html?cat%5B0%5D=63

      These give you the maps as A4 high-res PDFs with the routes, local information and tips. The download version also contains a free copy of the GPX file for the route, which can be used in our online OS getamap application, loaded on to your GPS device or shared to our OS MapFinder app.

  1. I agree, this looks like a useful product. The idea of having a paper map which isn’t as large as the typical Landranger or Explorer map, whilst on a ride, is an appealing one. Particularly the case when there is a strong wind!

  2. Tim

    Tom, this looks like an awesome project and product, are there any plans to do something similar elsewhere in the UK? I grew up in Petersfield in Hampshire so am familiar with quite a few of the trails down there but now live way up north in Aberdeenshire and with the absence of footpaths and bridlepaths up here we could really do with something like this!

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