Re-surveying Snowdon

Regular blog readers will have come across Myrddyn Phillips and his intrepid team of mountain measurers from G&J Surveys previously.Their latest challenge focused on Snowdon and on Tuesday 2 September, Myrddyn’s team and our own geodetic expert Mark Greaves, set off up Wales’ highest peak along with a film crew. The re-survey was being covered by ITV Wales as part of their programme ‘The Mountain’.


Luckily for the team, with their huge amount of filming and surveying gear, they could catch the train to the summit late in the afternoon. Once atop the peak, they started the challenging process of identifying the spot to carry out the resurvey. At Ordnance Survey, we prefer to identify the natural summit of a mountain to measure the height, and this was the basis that we originally measured the mountain. Since this time, a plinth had been built on top of the natural rock and the survey needed to be carried out from the plinth as this was the closest location to the natural summit which could be accessed and surveyed.

IMG_8190 (1024x683) IMG_8238 (1024x683)

Once the survey equipment was set up, the team settled down for a night on the mountain whilst the data was captured over a number of hours. You can see some of the spectacular views the team enjoyed in the pictures they captured during their trip.

IMG_8251 (1024x683) IMG_8400 (1024x683) IMG_8401 (1024x683)

Mark brought all of the data back to our Southampton head office to process and confirm. You’ll be able to see the results for yourselves on ITV Wales tonight at 7.30 pm in ‘Snowdon – Climbing New Heights’ as well as early next year in ‘The Mountain.’


As you’ll see in the programme, we’ve preserved the original height of the natural summit of the mountain and retain the value 1085 m on our maps.


You can also find out more about Myrdyyn’s experiences in his guest blog.

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