GB cities quiz

overvew-gb-mapTime to challenge yourself – how well do you know Great Britain’s cities? You at the back, no Googling!

Question 1: In which city is the Great Central Railway, the only place in the world where you can see full-size steam engines passing each other, located?

A: Leeds

B: Birmingham

C: Leicester

D: Manchester

Question 2: Which city, sitting on a five-mile stretch of beach, is home to the National Waterfront Museum?

A: Bournemouth

B: Swansea

C: Brighton

D: Truro

Question 3: In which city can you see the Victory, Warrior and what’s left of the Mary Rose?

A: Southampton

B: Plymouth

C: London

D: Portsmouth

Question 4: Ah ha! This city has over 1,500 heritage buildings from every British era, including the beautiful Dragon Hall. Which is it?

A: Norwich

B: Bristol

C: Cardiff

D: Liverpool

Question 5: Which city should you head to if you want to go looking for the Loch Ness Monster, as it’s just a 13.3 mile drive away from the loch?

A: Edinburgh

B: Inverness

C: Dundee

D: Aberdeen

Question 6: If you want to see a tropical garden the size of 30 football pitches, which westerly city should you head to?

A: Bath

B: Salisbury

C: Exeter

D: Truro

Question 7: In which iconic seaside resort can you see the stunning Royal Pavilion?

A: Brighton

B: Portsmouth

C: Plymouth

D: Swansea

Question 8: In which city would you find a former flax mill, once considered the biggest single room in the world, with a façade modelled on Egypt’s Temple of Horus?

A: Liverpool

B: Manchester

C: Birmingham

D: Leeds

Question 9: The magnificent Hadrian’s Wall is 84 miles long, but through which of the following cities does it stretch?

A: Bath

B: Newcastle

C: York

D: Durham

Question 10: This city is perhaps best known for being home to a famous zoo and a castle, but it’s also where the National Museum of Scotland is located, which is it?

A: Glasgow

B: Inverness

C: Edinburgh 

D: Aberdeen

Once you’ve had a go, check your answers here. Good luck!

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