Test your knowledge with a map symbol quiz

We thought it was about time to test your knowledge with a map symbols quiz. When you’re out and about using our well-known OS Landranger and OS Explorer Maps – do you know what all of the symbols mean? They’re there to give you valuable information about the environment you’re in.

Aside from highlighting tourist and leisure information, map symbols also provide vital information to let map readers know what to expect on the terrain they’re crossing. Information ranges from the kind of vegetation you can expect to encounter to detail on roads, public rights of way and even different rock features. If you would like to know more about map symbols, try the Simon King and Ordnance Survey video on understanding map symbols. It’s one of a series of short videos explaining the basics on using maps.

In the meantime though, have a go at our quiz and post your answers on the blog. We’ll be revealing the answers later…


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9 Responses

  1. Helene Roe

    1. Disused lighthouse
    2. Deciduous woodland (not coniferous)
    3. Railway (for tourists, not part of the national network)
    4. Site of historic interest
    5. Golf course
    6. My first thought was ‘Hospital’ but I’m sure that’s HOSP, so is this a helipad?
    7. Struggling with this one. It’s like Forestry Commission but slightly different??
    8. Trig point
    9. Youth Hostel
    10. Cathedral

  2. felicity williams

    Here’s my efforts 😀
    1. Disused lighthouse
    2. Non-coniferous trees
    3. preserved railway
    4. Site of antiquity
    5. Golf course or links
    6. heliport
    7. Forestry Commission Land
    8. triangulation (trig) pillar
    9. Youth Hostel
    10. Cathedral/Abbey

  3. David Burns

    Here we go:
    1. Disused Lighthouse
    2. Deciduous Woodland (non-Coniferous)
    3. Preserved Railway
    4. Site of antiquity
    5. Golf Course
    6. Heliport
    7. Isle of Man Forestry plantation
    8. Trig Point
    9. Youth Hostel
    10. Cathedral / Abbey

  4. Seren Wildwood

    This is fun! Thanks! Yes – I’m with David Burns on this one:
    1. Disused lighthouse
    2. Non-coniferous trees
    3. Preserved railway
    4. Site of antiquity
    5. Golf course or links
    6. Heliport
    7. Isle of Man Forestry Division Plantation
    8. Triangulation pillar
    9. Youth hostel
    10. Cathedral/Abbey

  5. Neil Palmer

    1, Lighthouse, disused
    2, Non-coniferous woodland
    3, Preserved Railway
    4, Site of antiquity
    5, Golf course/links
    6, Heliport
    7, ?
    8, Triangulation Pillar
    9, Youth Hostel
    10, Cathedral/Abbey

    The Purple tree is not one I’ve seen on mainland maps, so IoM forestry plantation seems credible.

  6. Geoff Allen

    1. lighthouse
    2. wood
    3. narrow gauge railway?
    4. site of historical interest
    5. golf course
    6. heliport
    7. forestry commission land
    8. trig point
    9. youth hostel
    10. monastery

  7. You’ve all done pretty well on this one, some of you even managed the tricky number 7. Here are the answers:

    • Disused lighthouse
    • Non-coniferous trees
    • Preserved railway
    • Site of antiquity
    • Golf course
    • Heliport
    • Isle of Man Forestry Division Plantation
    • Triangulation pillar
    • Youth hostel
    • Cathedral/abbey

  8. sofia

    disused lighthouse
    non coniferous trees/forest
    railway station
    antiques site
    golf course
    isle of man foresty plantation
    triangle pillar
    youth hostel
    cathedral or I think an abbey or monastry

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