January 13, 2015


How well do you know your old football grounds?

Emirates Stadium 2014Over on our Facebook page and Twitter account we run a #ThrowbackThursday picture each week. It fascinates us, and it seems a lot of our followers, to look back at our historical maps, usually pre-1900, and compare the past and present. We’ll show nineteenth century sites, that if you were to visit them today, would have well-known landmarks on them. They can be anything from the Angel of the North to the Emirates Stadium (pictured right). Without fail, our followers can identify the modern sites, and we share an up-to-date map the next day to show how the area looks today.

While over a century has passed between the maps we share each #ThrowbackThursday, you don’t need to wait that long to spot changes on maps. Britain is constantly changing. We maintain over 460 million features in our database, tracking over 10,000 changes a day. Road layouts change, houses are demolished, new estates are built and new football grounds take root. Our surveyors track these changes on foot, whilst our Flying Unit take to the skies to ensure we have as accurate a picture of changing Britain as we possibly can. Read More