See a 3D map of London at The Building Centre

We blogged about the fab 3D map of London on display at MIPIM back in March. Now, the New London Architecture (NLA) team’s huge model map has come back home to London and you can go and see it. The New London Model was built by Pipers, with data supplied by us at OS, using a combination of laser-cutting, 3-D printing and hand-crafting.

The New London Model is 12.5 metres long

The New London Model is 12.5 metres long

We popped into The Building Centre to see the new London model last week, just a couple of days after the big launch. It’s really worth a visit – although the full interactive display won’t be available until later in May. It’s free to visit and is just a couple of minutes walk from Goodge Street tube.

Explore the London skyline in 3D

Explore the London skyline in 3D

NLA’s 1:2000 scale 3D map is the centrepiece of the NLA galleries at over 12 metres long. The model includes more than 85 km2 of London, 19 Boroughs and around 170,000 buildings. It extends from King’s Cross in the north to Peckham in the south and the Royal Docks in the east to Old Oak Common in the west.

Spot landmarks like the Shard

Spot landmarks like the Shard

There are video displays and touchscreens to explain the project in detail, and show the key areas of change, revealing the sheer scale of proposed development in the capital.
You can see how low-rise the vast majority of the capital is

You can see how low-rise the vast majority of the capital is

Something as visual and striking as this underlines the use of OS  information and solutions to underpin the work of developers, the insurance and legal industries as well as transport planners.

Follow the River Thames as it flows under 21 bridges on the map

Follow the River Thames as it flows under 21 bridges on the map – and the Arab Emirates Sky Line cable car

OS is driving several exciting advances in 3D and the built environment right now and the opportunity for us to include our premier mapping, building heights and imagery data into the new model has demonstrated how we can excite the best designers in the property community and deliver value for money with their new designs.

Hear from our own Paul Griffiths on this Estates Gazette video taken at the launch last week:

Find out more about the model and how to visit.


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2 Responses

  1. Carole Thomas

    Hi Gemma
    Congrats on the map! It looks fantastic:-)
    My son is doing a report/ presentation on the map for a school project and he has nearly all the info he needs. One quick question though – did you account for the curvature of the earth and if so how much curvature is there exactly as the model looks pretty flat.
    We’d be very grateful if you could just provide that extra info as its part of his maths project and his teacher is pretty strict!
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Carole

      Good question – and the simple answer is no, the model is completely flat and the curvature of the Earth hasn’t been taken into account. As it represents such a small area of London, in comparison to the size of Earth, it would be a tiny fraction of curvature, only around 0.1 degrees or so.

      Thanks, Gemma

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