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Updated March 2020.

Over the last 12 months we have continued to develop our online mapping system, OS Maps. With some great basic features and advanced options for subscribers, it’s probably one of the best tool for planning off-road activities available.

Now available in your web browser and as an app for Android and Apple phones and tablets, you can view and print maps OS maps for free, plan routes, discover routes created by others, check weather and much more.

OS Maps free online mapping

Try OS Maps today, and you can sign up for a free seven-day trial off the full features – no credit card required.

OS Maps for free

You can get started with OS Maps here – if you already have a username and password for our online shop your login details will work for OS Maps too!
girl using phone outside

Standard OS Maps users can access basic Ordnance Survey maps for free and can print maps and directions at home. This allows you to use OS Maps as a complete tool for outdoor adventure.

You could use OS Maps to plan a long weekend exploring a National Park with a map print and the route on your GPS device, or you could use the database of 40,000 places to visit to make the most of a trip to a historic town or picturesque village.

You can also try over 500,000 existing routes and adjust your preferences to find out how long each route will take you to walk, run or ride.

Using OS Explorer and Landranger Maps

A premium subscription is needed to access Explorer and Landranger layers in OS Maps. Premium subcriptions are available for one month or twelve months. You can also sign up for a one-week free trial.

See the difference in features available for OS Maps free and Premium below:

Registered User (Free) Premium
Maps available Standard, aerial Standard, aerial, 1:25k (Explorer), 1:50k (Landranger)
Create routes Yes Yes
Import routes from GPX Yes Yes
Save routes Yes Yes
Share route Yes Yes
Find and view routes Public only Public and premium
Add route notes Yes Yes
Export routes as GPX No Yes
Show places of interest Yes Yes
Driving directions Yes Yes
5-day weather Yes Yes
Print route Yes Yes
Print driving directions Yes Yes
Printing sizes A4; portrait A4, A3; portrait, landscape


To find out about more of the features in OS Maps and for tips for getting started, check out our quick start guide.

What happened to OS getamap?

OS getamap was our previous online mapping system. I ran on the MS Silverlight browser plugin, which had become obsolete, meaning that it did not work on many browsers and devices. We retired OS getamap in 2015, but if you still have a username and password, it will work in OS Maps too.

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78 Responses

  1. Tom Kyle

    Hi there

    Am I right in thinking it used to be possible to view 1:25000 maps as part of ‘getamap’ for a free (but registered) account, but now access to 1:25000 maps is restricted to paying subscribers to OS Maps?

    This doesn’t seem fair…

    1. Steph

      Hi Tom,

      That’s right. OS getamap was no longer fit for purpose due to a number of compatibility issues on mobile and laptop devices. We’ve taken onboard the feedback from OS getamap when developing OS Maps, and now have a more user friendly service. However, due to the continued development work to maintain this fantastic new app, it was no longer viable to offer the maps for free.

      Subscribers to OS Maps are also able to take advantage of a number of exclusive functions within the app, including our new off-road routing tool for national parks. If you have any further questions regarding OS getamap and OS Maps please visit our website: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/shop/moving-os-getamap-to-os-maps.html



  2. William


    trying to print from OS Map (am subscriber from Getamap) but only getting an “X” up in top left hand corner. Pleasse direct me o where I can get advice or help screens


    1. Hi William – The latest release of OS Maps on Friday broke printing for some people. We pushed out an emergency fix a little after your message on Friday afternoon, and the printing should be all back to normal now. Any other problems please let us know!

    1. Rob

      Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues. It’s probably because your subscription hasn’t transferred fully to your account after purchasing. We would need your email address in order to check. Once we have this we can see what the problem is. Please can you contact our support centre at customerservices@os.uk

      1. John C

        Rob, I am a premium map subscriber and had a query about waypoint files, both on the iPhone app and on the online map. I hope doing a reply on this thread is ok but you seem to deal with technical issues ( I spoke to someone on your help line but they couldn’t help). I want to load a gpx waypoints file on the app (or online map). Note it is a waypoints file, NOT a route file. I can’t seem to do that (it will load and display on other mapping apps, ie UK Map, Satmap etc). I then realized I also could not create a set of (unconnected) waypoints on the app or online, it seems to only be set up for ROUTES. This seems very strange, the web is full of maps with pins showing interesting features, lists of hills (Munros) etc so I had assumed this very basic functionality would be available on osmaps. I hope something is staring me in the face and I am missing it. Any help appreciated (i.e., on how to get the gpx waypoint files to load and display, and on how to create points of interest for oneself). Thanks in anticipation.

        1. Hi John. We don’t have the ability for users to add pins or waypoint sets that are not a route. At the moment OS Maps is set up for route planning and storing only. While you can show various sets of pin markers we’ve created from ‘Places’ for all sorts of features, users cannot add new ones.

          We are looking at adding this ability at some point, but we are currently working on improvements to routes, to make it easier to find interesting routes to do. We’ve just released the update with the improved 3D mode and the automated flyovers – If you have not seen these as yet, take a look!

          1. John C

            Jonathan, that is very disappointing and astonishing if I may say. Almost all online mapping and mapping apps allow this, people may want to plot the locations of castles, of mountains, stately homes, etc . I also note that you devote space to geocaching elsewhere on your blog, how do people upload waypoints for the caches on to their os maps if they can’t upload a gpx file of independent waypoints, or even drop an individual pin (!?) on the map. In my opinion you would be better adding this very basic functionality before doing anything more fancy.

          2. David Baxter

            Hi, I feel exactly the same way. I’d like to be able to mark a group of places, such as wildflower sites, but cannot. It would surely be extremely simple to enable this, I cannot understand why OS doesn’t provide this function. Is there a commercial issue? I’m sure that however whizzy it is to fly through a route, being able to mark interesting off-route sites would be preferred by most users.

    2. Anna Taylor

      I have OS maps on my Apple iphone 7 but I cann;t find out how to use it for walking in the countryside in England. Can you help please/

  3. Simon Bent

    I have just purchased a subscription to OS maps online but on clicking the link I am taken to the following page; https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/osmaps/. This link comes up with a blank page both in my Safari and Firefox browsers. Both these browsers are up to date in the latest versions. Is the website down at the moment or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Simon

      Big apologies from us. An update was deployed last night and seems to have caused a glitch. The team have just investigated and found a bug. They’re preparing a fix which they’re hoping to roll out in the next hour.

      Thanks, Gemma

  4. George

    I have been a registered user of Getamap and now of OS Maps and have been considering subscribing to enable the wider range of features. However, because the product is in a constant state of change, I am not sure which features will be available. For instance, I only seem to be able to display one route at a time in OS Maps, whereas I could display several in Getamap. Today I find that I am no longer able to see details of individual waypoints nor see the very clever profile display that has recently started calculating the ascent from all the ups and downs between waypoints. Have these things been restricted to subscribers only, or have they been removed now? I appreciate that some things may be temporarily unavailable during development, but would like to know the future intention is.

  5. George

    I tried logging into OS Maps again this morning and the problem of the profile and the waypoints has gone away. I am not sure whether it was rebooting my computer that fixed it, or whether something has changed on the website.

  6. Robert Livock

    I use my Sat Map10 GPS account to plan routes and install waypoints on OS 25K mapping from my internet connection.
    If I stop subscribing to Sat Map, will I be able to subscribe to, and use your OS 25K mapping to plan routes in the same way?

    1. Hi Robert

      In essence, yes, you will be able to create routes to follow (as a gpx file you can export to your SatMap device). As a subscriber to OS Maps you will have access to both 25k and 50k mapping (Landranger and Explorer). Please note you will see the mapping on the subscription service and you can transfer the gpx route to the device but you cannot export the mapping to the device. If you require 25k or 50k mapping on the device you would need to purchase this from SatMap direct.

      Many thanks

    1. Hi Rod

      Sorry to hear that you’re having problems. I’ve just had a chat with our Customer Services team and the first thing they recommend is making sure that your screen fully refreshed by pressing Shift and F5. If this doesn’t help, they advise clearing your browser cache, there’s help on doing that here: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/shop/os-maps-faq.html#passwordloop. Do remember to close and restart your web browser after clearing your cache.

      If you still have issues after this, the best thing to do is contact our Customer Services team direct. They’re available via email at customerservices@os.uk or via phone on 03456 050505.

      Many thanks

  7. Henry Shaw

    I am a registered subscriber and very happy with nearly everything – however – when planning a new route I can find no way of adding a new waypoint in the middle of the route. Is this not possible?

    1. Hi Henry

      Sorry for the delay, this one slipped through the net. I’ve checked with out Customer Services team and they advise that you can only add extra waypoints by saving the route first. After saving, select and view the saved route and choose edit from top left of panel. Click on the route where you need to add the new point and drag to the position required.

      Hope that helps.

      Thanks, Gemma

  8. Divyesh Ruparelia

    Hi there,
    Could I please have a link to the step by step guide to “how to print OS maps” from my IOS device please

  9. keith HALLIDAY

    I am a registered subscriber.
    I have used OS Maps to record routes at 1:25k on my iPhone 5. The routes were recorded in great detail, along obscure footpaths. Distance, elevation and accuracy of track was amazing and the whole was very impressive. This was in the Cotswolds for which i have new 1:25k hardcopy maps and used the free included download facility.
    Subsequently i have tried to record further routes but the detail has gone and the device now only seems to register and record my position when I check my location in OS Maps. I therefore get a useless straight line polygon with totally inaccurate distance and track information.
    Posted 17:13 on April 30th 2016

    1. Hi Keith

      I’ve checked with the development team, and they have asked if you check iTunes for an update to a newer version of the app. This should resolve the track logging issue.



  10. John

    I’m having real problems plotting routes with OS Maps Online (on IE11 or Chrome on W10).
    I start OK plotting points along the route, and saving as I go, and after a while I cannot plot any more points after the last one. I can add points along the route I’ve already created (usually only a couple of miles in length and maybe a dozen points), but cannot extend the route.
    I’ve tried Saving, Removing points, Undoing, etc., but am stuck.
    Also, every time I click on the map to grab and move it, OS adds a Waypoint, which I then have to delete.
    I’m paying money for this, and it doesn’t feel good.

    1. Hi John

      I’ve had a chat with our Customer Services team and they’ve advised that you can expand the route by clicking on the Expand symbol on the OS Maps tool bar and remove waypoints by clicking either ‘Undo’ or ‘Remove’. I believe you need to close any pop up boxes before removing waypoints. Initially choose ‘Show key waypoints’ too. They haven’t been able to replicate the problem of adding a waypoint when trying to grab and move the map though. The blog isn’t ideal for discussing these kinds of issues in more details as we can’t share screen grabs or images via the comments. The team have asked that if the tips above don’t help, whether you can email them, along with some screen grabs of your issues, and they’ll be able to take a closer look. They’re on customerservices@os.uk if you need more advice.

      Thanks, Gemma

  11. Geoff forster

    Hi I have a Garmin etrex 20x gps system and want to know if I subscribe to your site can I download the maps to my device and if so how

    1. Hi Geoff. You can use it to plan a route, and download the route to the GPS using a GPX file, but NOT the background mapping. Like All GPS devices, the background mapping has to come from the manufacturer. We have some of the most popular Garmin ones in stock in the OS shop (see here).
      Even with just the basemap, uploading the route to a small screen GPS like this is really useful, as it allow you to quickly see when you have gone off you planned path.

  12. Paul Stephens

    I am a premium subscriber. Am I missing something or can you only plot straight lines? Thanks, Paul.

    1. Hi Paul. In normal plotting, yes, each waypoint is connected by a straight line.

      You also have the ability to follow roads and paths, but only in National Parks. For help with this please see the FAQ: Can I make my route follow paths or roads automatically?

      Even in the National Parks, you can turn off the follow paths functions – the advantage is that this lets you plot a route that does not use ‘official’ paths in areas where there is the right to roam.

  13. Colin Hudson

    I need to provide a 1:1250 scale map to my local planning dept. as part of a planning application. How do I get this, on A4 format, for post code CV22 5JT, no.40? Thanks

  14. Sarah

    Picking up on Paul’s point above – really, only straight lines? that makes it impossible to plot with any accuracy a long route along roads eg for cycle touring. why does the snap facility only work in national parks?

    1. Hi Sarah and Paul. There’s two reasons the basic route plotting is straight lines:

      1) This gives much more flexibility when planning a route, especially in places where paths are less important, such as Highlands or Dartmoor. It’s not too difficult to follow paths with your route, even where there are odd junctions or open fields to cross.

      2) To allow the automatic routing in National Parks, there is a lot of data hidden in the map. Unlike the normal 25k or 50k maps, which are effectively images, these maps need to understand the paths and how they connect. We’ve done this for all roads (that’s how SatNav works), but only done the paths inside National Parks at the moment. It’s expensive and very time consuming to do – basically, for every path someone has to create a vector version and define how it connects to all the other features where it touches, and since there is so many in the UK we focused our efforts on the most popular areas.

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  16. Is there a digital map of my area (Crieff, Scotland) I can buy for my desktop (not for use in my laptop or phone) which is similar either to Landranger or Explorer, showing ancient sites like standing stones, etc.
    I need to use it to make a map connecting all of these ancient sites.

    1. Hello David

      Apologies for the delay in responding, I missed this before Christmas. I’ve checked with my colleagues in Customer Services and they’ve advised that our Explorer mapping does include a number of historical sites (including standing stones). If for business use, you can purchase 1:25 000 mapping directly from us (minimum order fee £100.00 +VAT) by visiting the product’s information page at https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/business-and-government/products/25k-raster.html. As you only needs a small section, it would probably be more cost effective to buy small sections from one of the following licensed partners:
      Hereford Map Centre
      Tel: 01432 266 322
      Website: http://www.themapcentre.com
      Email: mailto:jonathan@themapcentre.com

      Location Maps
      Tel: 01746 768 388
      Web: http://www.locationmaps.com
      Email: sales@locationmaps.com

      Lovell Johns
      Tel: 01993 880 914
      Web: http://www.lovelljohns.com
      Email: enquiries@lovelljohns.com

      Tel: 0118 973 6883
      Web: http://www.emapsite.com
      Email: info@emapsite.com

      If the mapping is for personal use, you could subscribe to the OS Maps web service for £19.99 a year, which will give access to both Explorer and Landranger mapping on your computer through our website. We currently offer a 7 day free trial and further details can be found at https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/shop/os-maps-online.html. Take a look and see if this would work for you.

      Many thanks

  17. Mark Bertinat

    I am a Premium subscriber. Create a Route only seems to work for simple topographies, i.e. A-to-B walks or “circular” walks. It gets in a hopeless muddle if you try and retrace part of your route. It wipes out old points, stops increasing the total distance, produces “Waymark X” boxes with edit and close options neither of which work, and recentres the map on the latest point whether you want it to or not. Since retracing all or part of a walk is a very common activity, I presume there is a way to plot this but I am unable to find it. Can someone please help.

    1. Unfortunately, this is where making it simple to use clashes with offering advanced features. If you click anywhere on an existing route, OS Maps assumes you want to edit that part of the route, meaning that you can’t easily use the same part of a path twice. Here’s a couple of techniques I use:

      1. For straight out and back routes, I only plot one way and then double the time/distance. Most dedicated GPS devices have a simple ‘reverse route’ function, so you can follow the route one way, then reverse it and follow back.
      2. For smaller sections or overlap, create a new point off to the side, and drag it into position. As the initial point is separate, you can generally drag to just the right position. Continue creating new points off the path, and moving them back on to the path

      I hope this helps. On our next review we will look at the issue of reversing routes and see if we can come up with a way that does not break the intuitiveness of being able to click on the existing route to add a new point.

  18. mark bertinat

    Thanks Jonathan. I’ll try that useful albeit cumbersome method. As to your final paragraph, it seems you just need to look at the APP version. When I raised the problem with a colleague he disbelievingly tried it on his iPhone and found it doesn’t happen there!

  19. John

    Every time I move/drag the map in “Edit”, it plots a new point to where I had the cursor.

    I keep having to Undo after every single move (by the way “Ctrl Z” doesn’t work anymore).

    The only way to avoid it seems to be to work in the “Remove” mode, but this is ridiculous if what I’m trying to do is move/drag to map in “Plot” mode to find the next place I want plot.

    I’m using IE11 on a 3.6GHz i7 PC with 24 GB of RAM.

    I try and use the Chrome browser, but it’s sooo slow and clunky, taking minutes to move the map.

    I don’t like having to pay money for this.

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for your message and I am sorry to hear that you have found the route plotting facility awkward to use.

      However, when you are in plotting mode it is necessary to save the route plotted up to the point you need to drag the map, as the service does not know you wish to drag instead of continue plotting unless you do this. When you have saved the route you will be able to drag the map then switch on the plotting tool again to continue with your route.

      I hope that the above information helps to explain the process for you.

      Many thanks,
      Kate, Customer Service Adviser

  20. Michelle

    I don’t seem to be able to edit the start of a route after I have got to the end. It only seems possible to add a line from the last one. Is there a way to go back and edit and add in lines in an earlier part of the route?

    1. You can select any point and drag it to a new position – I find this easier with a mouse on the computer as it’s hard to do on a touch screen with my fat fingers! You can also remove a point altogether (switch to the little eraser tool and clock on the points to delete). You can also add intermediate points. Click on the route line between any two points to add another one, then you can move it to redirect the route. To extend the start point you could drag the existing start point to the new position, then add several intermediate points as needed to correct the route.

  21. William

    Using create a route on OS Maps online mapping – why does the snap not always work on – obviously, I have the right map on. I suspect this is a bug.

    1. Hi William

      We’ve found occasionally the snap to path does not work as expected, especially when switching the snap to path on and off. The quickest solution is when you add a waypoint that does not snap to path, use the ‘undo’ button and then add it again – this usually works.

      If this fails, switching snap to path off, adding adding a point, switching it back on and adding another usually does it. We’ve not been able to eliminate this occasional bug as it only seems to happen sometimes, and whenever we go to test it, it works!


  22. Jennifer

    How do I reverse a route on screen? I would like to look at the waypoints going clockwise and anti-clockwise, when planning a packed lunch stop for my group, to see which way is more suitable. I use SatMap a lot and they have a reverse function on their onscreen menu but I cannot find it anywhere on your route planner. Thanks

    1. Hi Jennifer. There’s not a route reverse function at the moment. One option would be to export the route as a GPX file and use an outside editor to reverse the direction and then upload it as a new route. We are looking at adding the capability in the future.

  23. Jane

    Hi, Have just purchased premium subscription. I have a Pathfinder Guide which gives the GPS waypoints. When I plot them on the map they seem to go for the shortest distance between points rather than the order the points have been put in so that it doubles back on itself. Is there a way to correct this?

  24. Hi,

    My apologies if this is not in your area of advice , but would welcome your views.

    I recently purchased ( a week ago) a Garmin GPS64s and OS 50 thou package from a local high street retailer.

    On a couple of occasions, the start screen displays a message ” your trial period of 50 thou maps ends 31 Jan 2018″. (Or words to that effect)

    On the Garmin and OS packaging there are no mentions of trial periods. The implication that the maps were a one off purchase. So I am a little concerned that the items I purchased is not what I have received.


    Tony Ish

  25. Dru Hall

    I wish that the OS website would make it easier to find the place where the online OS maps are. If you Google OS Get a Map, you end up getting into blogs and anything but the map page you are trying to find. Please make it more user friendly to find.

    1. You’re not able to find OS Getamap as this service was discontinued a few years ago – most of the places that term is used will be old content. There’s a link to OS Maps, the current online mapping tool, in this article, or if you search for ‘OS Maps online’ it should be near the top on most search engines. On the main website home page, you can also select ‘Leisure’ then ‘OS Maps app’ to see a drop-down with choices to open the web page, get help or find the app version.

  26. jeff

    I have purchased a premium subscription, a complete waste of money, very glad I only purchased one month as a trial.
    The discover routes function is not fit for purpose, on both my android and Windows devices I got a few the first time I logged in but since then all I get on the PC is “Sorry unable to find any routes at this time please refresh and try again” and on the android there is nothing. This software is a complete con avoid at ALL costs.

    I have even been through the tutorial searching for Kendal and nothing found.

    1. Hi Jeff

      Sorry to hear you have experienced issues with attempting to ‘Discover Routes’ in OS Maps online. I’ve checked with my Customer Service colleagues and they’ve advised the following:

      To use your subscription correctly on an Apple or Android device you are required to download the free OS Maps app from the Apple or Android App Stores. Unfortunately, we have not created the OS Maps app for Windows devices. You are able to use OS Maps online on a laptop, PC/Mac, or phone via a browser.

      Once you have the OS Maps app downloaded to your Android device, log in to the app using your OS Map Shop email/password, then see below on how to ‘Discover Routes’.

      For the mobile Android or Apple devices to need to tap on the ‘Map Stack’ button in the bottom right of the screen followed by ‘Routes’. If there are no routes in a specific area, then it won’t display anything.

      Ensure that there are not any filters added that may be restricting the results. Filters can be turned on and off by tapping the icon to the left of ‘Routes’, any that have been turned on will be listed at the top with ‘Clear Filter’ next to them.

      To view routes in the OS Maps online service:

      • Click on ‘Routes’, top of the map screen. Then click on ‘Discover Routes’ in the side pane.
      • Select the ‘cycling’ icon, distance and other details.
      • The routes will then appear on the mapping screen and appears below in the side pane of the cycle routes available in your area you are searching.

      Point to note on both the app and online, ensure you untick the ‘Show only Premium routes’, as this will then show you all routes by other users. For more information and help using OS Maps online/app, click on the following links:

      https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/shop/os-maps-faq.html – OS Maps online FAQ’s
      https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/shop/os-maps-app-faq-ios.html – OS Maps App Apple FAQ’s
      https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/shop/os-maps-app-faq-android.html – OS Maps App Android FAQ’s

      The team will always be happy to chat you through any issues on 03456 050505. They’re available Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm.

      Many thanks

    1. Hi Brian

      I am sorry to hear that. I’ve checked in with the Customer Service team as this isn’t something I’ve come across. The team tell me that if out walking you have a poor mobile reception the route distance, elevation and time may be shown as zero, until a good cellular mobile signal is found again or once connected again to Wi-Fi.

      Once at home and the route syncs to OS Maps online the distance/elevation/time will be calculated from the OS servers. This can also be viewed from within OS Maps Online.

      If the time is still not showing it would be worth exporting the .GPX route file and emailing it across to us to investigate. We can’t receive attachments via the blog, so please email customerservices@os.uk and the team can take a look.

      Many thanks

  27. Lucy Tribe

    Has the issue below been addressed yet? I can’t believe that I can’t add a pin that’s not on a route! Also that I can’t retrace my steps coming back without the whole route going squiffy. These seem basic functions and more useful than the fly-through! Lucy- new premium subscriber

    Hi John. We don’t have the ability for users to add pins or waypoint sets that are not a route. At the moment OS Maps is set up for route planning and storing only. While you can show various sets of pin markers we’ve created from ‘Places’ for all sorts of features, users cannot add new ones.

    We are looking at adding this ability at some point, but we are currently working on improvements to routes, to make it easier to find interesting routes to do. We’ve just released the update with the improved 3D mode and the automated flyovers – If you have not seen these as yet, take a look!

  28. Steve

    I don’t have a premium account but have bought 3 1:25000 maps and have them on my phone. I am wondering how I seem to have the whole country on 1:25000 today?

    1. Hi Steve

      I’m so sorry, I missed this comment previously. That does seem rather odd, and after checking with the team, they aren’t aware of any issues. To look into this further, we really need some more account information from you which I wouldn’t ask you to share publicly via the blog. Could you possibly email customerservices@os.uk with details of your login address, so that the team can take a look and see if they can resolve this?

      Many thanks

  29. Wendy

    This was posted in 2017 – has anything happened yet to allow a reverse??
    There’s not a route reverse function at the moment. One option would be to export the route as a GPX file and use an outside editor to reverse the direction and then upload it as a new route. We are looking at adding the capability in the future.

    5 July, 2017 at 09:30

  30. Anne

    Hi, I’m looking to find out if historically there was a bridleway at the end of the lane near my stables, that has now been closed off with a gate marked private. I have examined a recent landranger map and it doesn’t show as a bridleway, but there is a footpath denoted. I have been told that there used to be one and would like to look at an older edition OS map to check if it is marked on. Either way, how do I obtain access from a blocked off route?

  31. Tracey

    I’ve recently resubscribed to OS Maps. Is there anyway in the Android app that can tell you distance travelled, height, time, average speed etc in real time, i.e as you are walking.
    I thought there used to be a pull down tab on the OS Map, but perhaps I’ve got my apps mixed up?

    1. Jocelyn

      Tracey, it will show you the distance travelled but won’t show you the other stats until you have finished the walk, run or cycle. Our developers are looking at changing this but the focus is on the stability of the app currently with key functions like route recording. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you, Jocelyn

    1. Jocelyn

      George, so we can investigate this further, we will need a few more details. If possible, can you please email us at customerservices@os.uk? Pease include a description of the issue, whether it’s the OS Maps app or web and if the former, what phone you are using it on. Many thanks, Jocelyn

  32. julian zagni

    Hello – hoping you can help – I’ve been buying & using OS explorer paper maps, not realising I could download them via the scratch-off code. Today I’ve installed the OS Maps app on my iphone and downloaded one of my maps by redeeming the code – so far so good. However what I really want to do is view the maps I’ve purchased on my PC (walk planning etc) – the OS info says maps I’ve purchased can be used on multiple devices – so I figure this should be ok ?
    Other info I’ve found says OS Maps can be used on a PC via an emulator (like Bluestacks – which I already use for other apps) – however when I installed OS Maps via Bluestacks it doesn’t work – it installs and opens but just shows a blurred picture with no menu etc.
    I then thought – no problem- I assume I can , at least, view the maps I’ve purchased via my account on the OS site when I’m online – but when I login to my OS account I can’t see any menu that enables me to see the OS maps I’ve purchased.
    So please can you explain how I can look at the OS Explorer maps I’ve purchased on my laptop ?
    My eyesight isn’t that good and having the map on my iphone is very frustrating as I can’t use it or view it easily on such a device.

    1. Jocelyn

      Julian, offline maps can only be viewed on suitable iOS or Android mobile devices (e.g. does not work on Chrome Books or Android devices that do not meet minimum requirements). Unfortunately you cannot access map codes on your laptop, only via your iPhone/iPad. We do not state that you can use OS Maps via an emulator or offer support for them. We cannot say why it doesn’t work on Bluestacks or be able to make it work for them. If you have any further questions on this or anything else, email us at customerservices@os.uk. Hope this helps, Jocelyn

  33. julian zagni

    Hi Jocelyn & thanks for the reply – so nice to get some clarity !
    Are you planning to make it possible for people like me to view purchased maps on a laptop or is there a reason this has been decided against ?
    I assume, then, the only way I can currently view explorer maps on a laptop is by subscribing to the OS Premium service ?

    1. Jocelyn

      Julian, unfortunately not. The paper map downloads are for use on mobile devices to use when out and about to complement your paper map (plan/record routes, view points of interest, etc). And yes, we offer a free 7 day trial and subscriptions for either 1 month or 12 month periods. Hope this helps, Jocelyn

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