Which part of Britain wants to #GetOutside the most?

We launched the #GetOutside campaign last week, aiming to get more people off their sofas and enjoying the great outdoors. It was supported by a survey which said a growing number of Brits have become walk-shy.

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Nationally, the research showed that a quarter of us won’t walk anywhere that takes over 15 minutes. Three quarters of us don’t walk to work, almost 70% never walk to the shops, whilst only a third would ever do the school run on foot. And it’s not just incidental walking that looks to be on the decline, only around a third admit to liking a weekend walk for pleasure.

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The top three biggest barriers to spending time outdoors are the infamous British weather, not enjoying being around lots of people and not having enough local green spaces or trails . Despite the barriers, 29% of Brits think their lifestyle is too sedentary and that they spend too much time indoors or sitting down per day.

Why we want people to #GetOutside

There were some interesting regional variations though…






Unsurprisingly the weather was listed in the top three barriers to spending time outside in every region. Perhaps also unsurprisingly, it was only the urban London area that listed the outdoors as being too dirty and polluted. Wales, South East, Northern Ireland and the East were the most self conscious regions and didn’t want people to see them exercising. The most social regions must be London and Northern Ireland as they were the only two who didn’t list ‘not enjoying being around other people’ as one of their barriers to getting outside!

#GetOutside champions

Statistics aside, we agree with our #GetOutside champions and think that the great outdoors has a lot to offer.

Sean says: There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.

Get Outside postcards_SeanConway

Bonita says: Something we don’t get enough of in modern life is time with nature. It releases endorphins. Sometimes when I’m climbing or running, it seems arduous at the time but when I come home, I’m happier.

Get Outside postcards_BonitaNorris

Steve says: You don’t have to go big. You can just go to your local park. You can ride the train to Snowdon just to have that view outside.

Get Outside postcards_SteveBackshall

Visit os.uk/getoutside to find out more about our champions and make your #GetOutside pledge.

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