New Steve Backshall map reading videos added

How to map read and use a compassWe’ve had some fantastic feedback from people across Britain since the launch of the five map reading videos with our #GetOutside champion Steve Backshall earlier this month. The good news is – we’ve added three more to the collection to keep your map reading skills in tip-top condition.

The news about the decline in map reading skills divided you all. Some were horrified and others thought it was only natural, but regardless of opinion – there’s now no excuse for not knowing how to map read!

Navigation is an essential skill for any explorer or outdoor enthusiast and being able to confidently use a map is a vital skill which everyone should have before setting off on an outdoors adventure. Whether you’re using a paper or a digital map, you need to be able to read the landscape around you.

New map reading videos

The new videos cover off taking a six-figure grid reference, taking a compass bearing and understanding magnetic north. They join the existing five videos covering choosing the right map, understanding map symbols, understanding contours, how to take a four-figure grid reference and understanding your compass.

We’ve compiled all eight videos into a handy playlist, take a look:

How to map read

More map reading tips

You can also find out more about map reading in our handy leaflets. There’s Map reading made easy or Map reading made easy peasy for the younger map-readers.

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3 Responses

  1. steve

    The videos provided are brilliant. Map reading (I believe) is an important skill and having recently spoken to a group of scouts/explorers who weren’t confident in navigation with map and compass, I shall be sharing your videos with them. Thanks!

  2. Ruth Lawrence

    I love the map reading made easy it gives me a good basis to teach our DofE students the skills they require for navigation for their expeditions. Can copies be bought?

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