Use OS Maps to explore Britain’s National Parks

Snap_Route_animationHave you put our latest OS Maps feature to the test? We announced recently that we’d introduced the first off-road routing service that covered all of Britain’s 15 beautiful National Parks.

What does off-road routing mean?

It’s like having a sat-nav for the paths and tracks in our National Parks. If you subscribe to OS Maps online, you’ll be able to place a waypoint in a National Park, then another waypoint in the same National Park – and OS Maps will show you the shortest route between the two points using public rights of way. You can also also plot a route manually, with the system snapping the line to the nearest public right of way.

How can I use it?

First, you need to be a subscriber to OS Maps online. Once you’ve signed up you can follow the guide here to get started.  Then you can plan and print routes to enjoy this National Parks Week.

The off-road routing features is also now available on our iOS app and will be coming to the Android version in the near future.

National Parks facts

Having created the off-road routing facility for OS Maps, we used our database of 450 million plus features to find some National Parks facts.

The Cairngorms National Park the most

In Britain, the vast Cairngorms National Park boasts the most road, tracks and paths with over 8,000 km to travel. In England, the South Downs holds the crown with over 7,000 km and in Wales, Snowdonia tops the bill with over 4,500 km of roads, tracks and paths.

The Cairngorms National Park the most (1)

If you wondered which National Park had the most rights of way, then it’s the South Downs with over 3,700 km. At the other end of the scale, the New Forest has almost 400 km to explore.

The Cairngorms National Park the most (2)

Looking into which National Parks will put the most strain on the leg muscles – you won’t be surprised to know that the Lake District and Snowdonia take the top two spots in the hilly factor. Or that the Broads is the least hilly of the National Parks!

The Cairngorms National Park the most (3)

If you’re feeling inspired to explore our National Parks, visit OS Maps. For ideas on activities to #GetOutside in our Parks, try os.uk/getoutside. You could even pledge to visit one or all of our National Parks this year…



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