All OS Explorer maps come with mobile download

Tomorrow we’ll be launching 341 new OS Explorer maps, all with mobile download included for smart phone or tablet.

EXP_103_Cover_2015-09 EXP_146_Cover_2015-09 EXP_414_Cover_2015-09

The new Explorers are following on from the sucessful launch of our the 62 Outdoor Leisure (OL) map titles earlier this year. We’ve seen over 15,000 downloads of the mobile maps since their release in June, with OS Maps app being accessed more than 70,000 in one week alone.

If you buy one of the new maps, you can redeem the download via a scratch-off panel on the inside cover which then downloads through the OS Maps app, available from the Apple Store or Google Play. Once you have the app and download your free map, you can pinpoint your location instantly and get much more out of your favourite activities. Unlike other apps, your maps are available even when you don’t have a mobile phone signal, making them ideal for use even in remote areas.

The OS Explorer maps all feature new photos from the #OSPhotofit competition too. We’ve had over 12,000 entries so far and been thrilled with the quality of images of Britain that people have been sharing with us. If you’re feeling inspired, there’s still time to get involved as we’re looking for photos to feature on the cover of our OS Landranger maps. The competition is open until 31 October and the new maps will be in stores in early 2016.

Find out more about the maps with mobile download and shop here from tomorrow.


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5 Responses

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  2. Charles

    Now that all the non-OL explorer maps have the same publication date – i.e. 16 September 2015, is there a list of all their actual ‘revised up to’ dates,? It seems a stretch to have updated and revised all 300+ maps from their previous versions in one go…

    1. Rob

      Hi, about half the maps were revised when we updated the covers. The other half we fall into the planned revision schedule. Do you have any particular maps which you would like to check?

      1. Charles

        Hi Rob – Thanks for the reply. The Maps in question were numbers 182 St. Albans & Hatfield and 192 Milton Keynes & Buckingham. Unfortunately I had already ordered them and it is clear that neither have been revised. They both have their previous revision dates, June 2010 in the case of 192 followed by “reprinted with new cover September 2015”. In the case of 182 this was especially annoying as I was looking out for an update to this edition, which I already have (as this is my home map). £8.99 is a lot for a new cover! The article above should have made it clear that not all maps were revised as had been the case with the Outdoor Leisure Maps and online shop should really make the last revision date clear, especially if this differs from the publication date. Wouldn’t it be better to have somewhere online a full list of the Explorer, OL and Landranger maps with their previous revision dates. Even better for those who still buy a lot of paper maps would be your programme of planned revisions for the coming year…

  3. Peter

    I agree with Charles . I have also been searching for a full list of updated Explorer maps . Having the map revision date clearly printed on the maps is essential if you wish to increase your Christmas sales .
    How can it be done now ? Answer – publish prominently the list with dates on your website this week !!!

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