Upcoming events at the Geovation Hub!

We have a further couple of free events taking place at the Geovation Hub in the coming weeks so we thought we’d share the details with you here. 

Trend Café: The Future of Business

Thursday 19 November, 5-6 pm

Trendwatching logoJoin the team at the Geovation Hub for their popular Trend Café where they’ll be exploring trends around “The Future of Business” with global trend-spotting agency, TrendWatching.

For decades mega-brands have been on an epic quest towards a more responsive consumerism. Whether that’s a mission to demonstrate their ethical high-ground, be seen as ‘good’, or at least better than their competitors, or convince skeptical consumers that their CSR initiatives are more than just to improve their image. But the stark reality is these big-brands are still making billions polluting our skies, exploiting workers, exposing our personal secrets, becoming experts in tax havens, or sugar-pushing us towards a bleak future.

Want to track the disruptive forces showing big brands that it’s time they shook up their act? Come and share your thoughts on what these mega-brands can and should do to start on the path to redemption.


Open data masterclass  – Geovation water challenge workshop

Wednesday 2 December, 10.30 am–4.30 pm

waterchallenge_165x165Join the team at the Geovation Hub on 2 December for the first out of a national series of open data masterclasses that will focus on the forthcoming Geovation water challenge.

The challenge theme is ‘Water’ and during the workshop, we’ll take a close look at data available from Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency and others, revealing how data can be used as a key ingredient to solving problems relating to the theme. We’ll also take a deep dive into the Challenge themes, sharing details about the £20,000 value of development support that will be available to winners through the Geovation programme.


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2 Responses

  1. Prio Sambodo

    Dear Mr Luke,

    My name is Prio. I am a student at Geography, UCL. I attended the previous Open Data Masterclass at Geovation Hub. I am also keen to attend the Challenge for Water one at 2 Dec. However, I have two lectures at that date which make me likely unable to attend. I am wondering if I can ask for the material of that masterclass?

    Thank you.



    1. Luke

      Hi Prio,

      Thanks for your comment above, just to confirm (for the benefit other blog readers) that we exchanged emails last week about this – pleased to hear you received the materials I sent you!

      Many thanks,


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