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shutterstock_346606550Finding the perfect Christmas gift for loved ones can be a tricky task. Each year millions of us unwrap a present and feign happy surprise, but what are the gifts that turn our Christmas cheer into despair year after year? Research released today saw novelty jumpers or clothing, soaps, cheap bottles of wine, candles and socks top the list of the worst or most useless presents we receive.

The poll also asked people to rate the gifts we can predict we’ll get year after year with chocolate, toiletries, socks, gift vouchers and slippers coming in top. And who are the most likely culprits for giving predictable presents? Our lovely mums and partners!

But while we may cringe year after year when we unwrap the same present we unwrapped last year and the year before that, there’s no doubt that some people are difficult to buy for, which is why some of us simply resort to repeat gifts, vouchers or even cold cash.

We’re all trying our best and want to give something that our loved ones want. In fact, partners, dads and mums came out as the people we struggle with buying presents for the most, and almost 40% say they find it harder to buy for men than they do for women.

So if you find Christmas gift-buying a nightmare, how can you turn it around this year to become a festive favourite amongst your family and friends? Our research showed that almost three quarters say the best gifts are the ones that have thought behind them, a third say they love to receive presents they have actually asked for, while a quarter say a personalised gift always goes down well with them.Custom-Made-Large-text-pink

We think we have the perfect personalised gift…you can create a bespoke OS Explorer Map or OS Landranger Map in just a few minutes. Use a Custom Made map as a unique and thoughtful gift for a special occasion – remind people of a favourite holiday, much-loved spot or a dream destination for the coming year. You can put your own photo and message on the front of the map and centre it on whichever area you’d like. Seeing as over three quarters of us now like to shop online, it ticks that box too. If you’d like to order a Custom Made map as a gift (or to treat yourself!), the last order day for Christmas is Tuesday 22 December.

The numbers of Custom Made maps being ordered increase each year – so many of you already know they’re a great gift. We see a huge range of cover images and titles and a mix of people wanting them provided as a flat map, perfect for framing, or folded so that they can be used regularly.

If you receive a Custom Made map this year, share it with us on Facebook or Twitter, we love seeing happy faces with their new maps.

The research for OS was carried out between by Opinion Matters between 26 and 30 November 2015. Their sample was from 2,571 UK adults who give/receive presents at Christmas.

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