February 23, 2016


First accessibility review of Mars hot on the heels of first OS map

logo_standard_betaThe idea for AccessAdvisr was awarded funding in our 2011 Geovation Challenge to improve transport in Britain. Insight from research conducted by ITP revealed that people with limited mobility often piece together information about the location, quality and reliability of accessible transport networks and destinations from various sources.

AccessAdvisr puts people who experience mobility impairments in charge of managing and maintaining accessibility information for use before and during their journeys. AccessAdvisr is a free website that provides ease-of-access information about places of interest and transport stops/stations. It’s been designed so that content can be updated by a user-community of real people whose ratings, comments and photos share their views and experiences of accessing different places. Having seen the new Ordnance Survey map of Mars, Rob Trent from AccessAdvisr wanted to be the first to write an accessibility review (even though he hasn’t been there yet)…

Extract from the new Mars map. Click the image to go to our Flickr channel and see the full map.

Extract from the new Mars map

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