February 26, 2016


A Mars ramble playlist

Following on from the release of our Mars map last week, we got to thinking about the sounds we’d like to hear if we went for a ramble around mars…For some it’s just the natural outdoor sounds. For others, tranquillity when outside is found through ear-shredding beats piped through their headphones for them and them alone to enjoy.


So, with this in mind, we have plotted a playlist to go with our Mars map. A soundtrack for the first intrepid explorers of the Martian landscape.

Obvious, we know, but surely the first thing a person should hear when they first set foot on Mars is Life on Mars by the recently departed David Bowie. It’s the perfect opening track to begin a ramble round the red planet. In truth, we probably could have just chosen Bowie tunes for this….–IqqusnNQ Read More