First accessibility review of Mars hot on the heels of first OS map

logo_standard_betaThe idea for AccessAdvisr was awarded funding in our 2011 Geovation Challenge to improve transport in Britain. Insight from research conducted by ITP revealed that people with limited mobility often piece together information about the location, quality and reliability of accessible transport networks and destinations from various sources.

AccessAdvisr puts people who experience mobility impairments in charge of managing and maintaining accessibility information for use before and during their journeys. AccessAdvisr is a free website that provides ease-of-access information about places of interest and transport stops/stations. It’s been designed so that content can be updated by a user-community of real people whose ratings, comments and photos share their views and experiences of accessing different places. Having seen the new Ordnance Survey map of Mars, Rob Trent from AccessAdvisr wanted to be the first to write an accessibility review (even though he hasn’t been there yet)…

Extract from the new Mars map. Click the image to go to our Flickr channel and see the full map.

Extract from the new Mars map

Ease of access – 0 out of 5

The first problem AccessAdvisr encountered was getting to the planet. A rather important issue we think you’ll agree. The internet, usually pretty helpful, was not offering flight times and availability anywhere.

Having dug a little deeper, we also learned that the flight did not have enough room to take AccessAdvisr’s powered chair, and that there probably wouldn’t be any actual crew to help us on to or off of the ‘spaceship’ (if that’s the correct term).

Undeterred we carried on with the review.

The planet itself was completely devoid of atmosphere. The terrain from Ada to Zarand (and all letters in between) was rocky and there was little in the way of signage pointing out any craters.

Fortunately the space suits were able to compensate for the lack of accessible toilets.

Staff helpfulness – 0 out of 5

Despite rumours there were no little green Martians available to provide support. Only Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain were on hand to provide any assistance, but they were too busy making a film apparently.

To summarise – we will try again in a few years time. We will be sending this review onto the Martian Council and look forward to seeing what improvements they make. In the meantime you can find hopefully more helpful accessibility reviews at https://accessadvisr.net


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  1. Thank you, Gemma, for this review! I’m sure millions of people are amazed by movies about life on Mars, and such researches help us to realize that we are close to implementation of the planned actions.

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