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Isle of Ewe

With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend (take this as your warning if you haven’t yet grabbed a card for your other half), we couldn’t resist the opportunity to share the mappy love and remind you of the many romantic names around Britain. We’ve been trawling our databases to find the best examples and were amazed with how many are out there.

A red rose is often shown as a symbol for Valentine’s Day and we found over 450 roads, businesses and buildings with ‘red rose’ at the start of their name – covering everything from Indian restaurants to those well-known romantic spots, petrol stations! Take the ‘red’ out of the search and there more than 5,200 examples – including over 1,200 Rose Cottages and a plethora of Rose & Crown pubs (perfect for a candlelit dinner?). The white rose might not symbolise love in the same way, but there are still 2,500 names to be found in our databases.

If you’re looking for a valentine to court on 14 February, then Valentine Court appears to be the most popular name with more than 30 around the country.

We’ve also pulled together our top 5 romantic place names – why not visit one on Sunday?

  1. Lover, Wiltshire – apparently the village post office is flooded with Valentine’s cards each February with romantics wanting the Lover postmark.
  2. Heart’s Delight, Kent – there are actually two to choose from, one near Barham and one near Sittingbourne.
  3. Cupid’s Hill, Monmouthshire – a lovely spot for a walk.
  4. Sweetheart Abbey, Dumfries – romantic abbey founded in 1273 by Lady Dervorgilla of Galloway in memory of her husband John Balliol.
  5. Valentines Park, London Borough of Redbridge – perfect for a stroll.

Let us know your favourites too, ours is, of course, the Isle of Ewe (say it out loud!), shown above!

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