The new cover for Explorer OL15

The new cover for Explorer OL15

New look OS Landranger maps coming soon

Don’t forget that this time, you’ll be updating to the new maps which include a mobile download. All OS Explorer maps already include the iOS and Android compatible download of the map area, and the OS Landranger maps will be available with mobile download from 24 February. If you haven’t tried it out yet, the downloaded map lets you plot and store routes electronically with the map data stored locally and available regardless of whether your smart device has a signal or not. This makes it perfect for even the remotest of areas to use alongside your paper map.

What happens to the old maps?

The 10,601 maps returned in 2014 covered the length and breadth of Britain, with the earliest being from 1919 and a large number from the 1950s and 60s. The old maps were recycled and reused wherever possible to help teach navigation skills to young people, and some were even used for art projects. We’re open to creative ideas for their use, so please email ideas to

How do I return old maps?

The map return scheme runs until Sunday 20 March 2016. Find details on how to return maps here: