MapSherpa Partner event at OS

Guest blog by Geographers’ A-Z Map Company.

25921694933_7777f0f25d_oThe inaugural MapSherpa Partner event was held at the Southampton head office for OS recently and it was a great success. With a good turn-out of business leaders in the UK’s map industry the attendees were treated to a wide-ranging presentation and discussion by MapSherpa on their Print On Demand solutions and Online Marketplace.

The discussions looked to the future and how MapSherpa solutions will improve customer experience and accessibility to the worlds mapping products. Enhancing the ability to create print on demand as well as custom maps in a much more efficient way was demonstrated by MapSherpa.

Geographers’ A-Z Map Company and Global Mapping with NextByte built on from the MapSherpa presentation (download presentation via Dropbox) with their presentations.

Digital Distribution: A publisher’s perspective (click to download presentation via Dropbox)

A-Z Maps presented on the changing perspective of maps from the collective to personal and from paper to digital. They continued to discuss how this change has impacted economics of the industry as well as the traditional publisher to customer process now demanding greater flexibility to react to demand. This greater flexibility has been facilitated by MapSherpa, opening more international markets and diversifying the publisher’s available inventory by making use of digital storage and distribution.

Global Mapping and NextByte: MapSherpa On Demand in Brick & Mortar and Online Retail (click to view presentation via Google Docs)

Global Mapping and NextByte presented and demonstrated on their successful implementation of the MapSherpa system in the Global Mapping shop and website. An example of how the inventory of a retailer has grown because of the MapSherpa system.

Lunch and post-event drinks gave attendees the opportunity to network with friends as well as meet new ones.

We look forward to seeing you at the next MapSherpa event in 2017.

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