Trig-bagger completes 13-year mission

While there are many trig-baggers out there, trig-bagger extraordinaire Rob Woodall completed his 13-year mission to bag all of Britain’s trig pillars last weekend in Fife.


He’s bagged 6,190 trig pillars in that period, a seriously impressive achievement. We joined his final trig-bagging expedition to Benarty Hill and awarded him a mounted flush bracket to mark the moment.

IMG_0907 1

By coincidence, Rob’s final trig tied in neatly with our #TrigPillar80 celebrations, with his mission ending on Saturday 16 April and the 80th anniversary of the trig pillar taking place on Monday 18 April. There are many people who go trig-bagging, but Rob is the first person we know of to manage all of those still standing.

The website Trigpointing.uk is a great source of information on trig pillars and trig-bagging, and other OS marks such as trig points and benchmarks, with users regularly visiting pillars and noting their conditions. While 6,500 or so were originally built, only around 6,000 are still standing. It’s not uncommon for the pillars to be removed, usually with our permission, and a former trig pillar even features in our Trig Pillar Trail Challenge, at Dunkery Beacon, to emphasise their changing status. Their numbers are in constant decline as they are lost to housing development, farming, coastal erosion and just general wear and tear when they’re in isolated locations and exposed to the elements.

We’re sure you join us in sharing our congratulations with Rob. You can read all about Rob’s challenge in this blog.

Rob was also on ITV Anglia talking about his achievement yesterday, along with our very own Angus Hemmings. Take a look: http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/update/2016-04-20/fourteen-years-and-six-thousand-locations-one-mans-amazing-achievement/

#TrigPillar80 competition

IMG_5953Feeling inspired by Rob’s achievement? We can’t promise you all a mounted flush bracket as they’re in very limited supply, but we do have a #TrigPillar80 photo competition you can join in with for some fledgling trig-bagging. To enter, visit one of the trig pillars nominated by our #GetOutside champions, take a photo and share it with us on Twitter or Instagram using #TrigPillar80. If none of the nominated trig pillars are near you, you can still enter and share your favourite trig pillar with us using #TrigPillar80. We’ll be picking our four favourite photos each week, over the next few months and sending out a limited edition #TrigPillar80 T-shirt.

Full details and terms and conditions.

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3 Responses

  1. Tim

    The map geek in me is quite jealous of Rob being presented a flush bracket by OS. I’m possibly more jealous of that than the fact that he’s visited every trig point.

    I’m interested to know if OS open data or any of the commercial products can be used to build an official list of trig points? Seems like the data must be there somewhere. Would be very interesting to know how this matches up with the user-curated lists from sites like trigpointing.

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