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Photo courtesy of Northumberland National Park

Photo courtesy of Northumberland National Park

Northumberland National Park are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year and volunteer David Wilson is walking the entire length of the National Park, non-stop, later this week to celebrate. On Friday, David will be showcasing the varied landscape of Northumberland National Park throughout his 28-hour trek, following a route created with OS data and being tracked on an OS map embedded on the Park’s website.

David will be setting off from the north of the Park at 7am on Friday 27 May and is hoping to arrive at the Walltown site at the southern-most tip of the Park at 10am on 28 May on his non-stop trek. The final route was created with the help of National Park GIS Officer Ed Hudspeth, using the OS data he has access to. Covering almost 70 miles the route covers stunning areas of the Park, including Yeavering Bell, Newton Tors, Cheviot and Hadrian’s Wall.  It also covers the practical areas and takes in places that allow David access to food, water and other supplies.

Northumberland National Park shown in OS Maps

Northumberland National Park shown in OS Maps

David’s no stranger to challenges, having completed the Hadrian’s Wall Challenge and the 3 Peaks (3 times), so he knows that good foot care and prep is essential as part of his training. Night time training has been key this time, to get used to being tired and travelling during the night. When I completed by Hadrian’s Wall challenge there was a group of us walking together. This time it will be just me so even more important to find coping mechanisms when it’s dark, you’re tired and there’s still 5 hours before daylight!

David’s using his experience to show people that we can experience both little or big adventures within our normal everyday life and live healthy, happy and rewarding lives. Follow David’s Walk in the Park on the Northumberland National Park website, tracking his latest position throughout the challenge. The team at the Park will be sharing photos and links to each of the areas David passes through and running a number of giveaways to our followers on the day.

The stunning scenery David will be walking through. Photo courtesy of Northumberland National Park.

The stunning scenery David will be walking through. Photo courtesy of Northumberland National Park.

If you’d like to create your own National Park challenge, you could use OS Maps, the perfect way to plan and discover Britain. The free app includes our standard and aerial mapping to plot routes on, but with an annual subscription you can unlock a range of extra features – and try them for free for seven days in our trial. You’ll have access to our OS Explorer and OS Landranger maps for the whole of Britain, be able to discover existing routes around the country – and you’ll have the National Parks off-road routing to help you plan new routes. Take a look: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/getoutside/osmaps/

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