July 25, 2016


Encourage children to #GetOutside with Mission:Explore

CVR_ME NP english front JPEGFormer Geovation Challenge winners Mission:Explore are launching a new book to coincide with National Parks Week. The new adventure book is packed with challenges for children to try out, perfect to encourage the family to #GetOutside with Mission:Explore and explore Britain’s 15 National Parks.

Mission:Explore National Parks is a collaboration with National Parks UK that challenges children and their families to become extreme explorers, natural navigators and wildlife watchers. Each member of the National Park UK family is a unique place, suited for discovery, curiosity and creativity – ideal to #GetOutside and explore.

There are 49 weird and wonderful missions to tackle, ranging from eating like a local to creating puddle maps or navigating by the stars. We caught up with #GetOutside champion Steve Backshall recently and put him to the challenge, take a look: Read More