Digimap for Schools competition winner announced

Thank you to all of the schools who entered our exciting competition with EDINA featuring Digimap for Schools and our #GetOutside champion Steve Backshall. Combining geography, wildlife and photography, it saw primary school children across Britain taking wildlife photos and plotting them on a map of their school’s area.

Some of the fantastic entries during judging

Some of the fantastic entries during judging

It was a difficult task to judge from all of the excellent entries, and the team throughly enjoyed looking through the variety of wildlife photos and the questions relating to the photos. Finally, Mengham Junior School in Hayling Island was selected as the overall winner, and will soon have a visit from Steve Backshall. The wildlife presenter, naturalist and all-around adventurer will spend a morning with the school next week, taking the winning class on a nature walk and talking to the school.

The winning entry

The winning entry

There were also two runners-up, from St John’s Mead Church of England Primary School in Eastbourne and Kitebrook Preparatory School in Gloucestershire, who will receive signed books from Steve Backshall.

Pupils using digimap for schools

Pupils using Digimap for Schools

A big thank you to everyone who entered. If you didn’t enter and haven’t used Digimap for Schools, visit their site to find out more.

It’s an excellent opportunity to show how mapping is relevant to many parts of the curriculum, not just geography  – flora and fauna study, numeracy, history, ICT, outdoor learning, physical education to name a few. You’ll also be able to explore the wider uses of Digimap for Schools and all of the fantastic resources included with the service. Pupils can find out what their school looked like in the 1950s and 1890s as well as seeing current maps at a wide variety of scales.

Thanks for tweeting your #wildlifemap photos

While the grand prize was Steve Backshall coming to your school to speak at your assembly and taking the winning class on a wildlife walk, there were other prizes up for grabs too.

Bonus prizes of books signed by Steve Backshall were sent to the most interesting individual photos from schools tweeted each week with the hashtag #wildlifemap. Thank you to everyone who took part and congratulations to all of the weekly winners.

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  1. You’ll also be able to discover the broader makes use of Digimap for colleges and all of the amazing assets protected by the provider. Pupils can find out what their college appeared like in the Nineteen Fifties and Nineties as well as seeing contemporary maps at a huge kind of scales.

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