Encourage children to #GetOutside with Mission:Explore

CVR_ME NP english front JPEGFormer Geovation Challenge winners Mission:Explore are launching a new book to coincide with National Parks Week. The new adventure book is packed with challenges for children to try out, perfect to encourage the family to #GetOutside with Mission:Explore and explore Britain’s 15 National Parks.

Mission:Explore National Parks is a collaboration with National Parks UK that challenges children and their families to become extreme explorers, natural navigators and wildlife watchers. Each member of the National Park UK family is a unique place, suited for discovery, curiosity and creativity – ideal to #GetOutside and explore.

There are 49 weird and wonderful missions to tackle, ranging from eating like a local to creating puddle maps or navigating by the stars. We caught up with #GetOutside champion Steve Backshall recently and put him to the challenge, take a look:

If going on a poo hunt doesn’t fill you with quite the same level of enthusiasm, there are plenty of other challenges to try too! There’s also a fantastic section on training and exploring safely to get children started. The book’s aimed at helping to encourage children to explore the enormous world of the National Parks and engage them with all the brilliant things that are on offer in Britain.

The Mission:Explore team  compiled the book after putting a huge selection of challenges to the vote by schoolchildren, with the favourites selected to be published. It’s the seventh book the Mission:Explore team have released, since winning the Geovation Challenge in 2010, when they wowed the team with their exciting ideas using geography. If you haven’t come across them before, the project encourages people, and especially children, to see, explore and act in new ways. Mission:Explore founders saw the subject of geography  being marginalised, and in schools and neighbourhoods children’s physical geographies being reduced due to risk aversion. And they wanted to change that.

#GetOutside with Mission:Explore – try a National Parks challenge

#GetOutside with Mission:Explore

Feeling inspired to #GetOutside in our National Parks this summer? The book costs just £5.00 and is available from National Park centres and their website.

Make sure you stay safe when exploring this summer, follow these tips from #GetOutside champion Steve Backshall. And always take a map – our paper maps are available here. Or you can download our OS Maps app, there is even National Parks routing included.

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