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Update: Now available in the OS Shop 
GB Colouring Map COVER FINAL

It’s been almost a year since we created a series of downloadable colouring-in maps, and we’re thrilled to be able to tell you that there’s a book of OS maps to colour being released this autumn. We teamed up with Laurence King Publishing to work on the new book, The Great British Colouring Map: A Colouring Journey Around Britain.

The book will take you on an immersive colouring-in journey around Great Britain, from the coasts and forests to our towns and countryside. Expect to see iconic cities, recognisable tourist spots and historical locations across England, Scotland and Wales via the 55 illustrations. The Great British Colouring Map also includes a stunning gatefold of London. We can’t wait to share it with you – it will be on shelves in October.

Why colouring in?

The colouring trend has exploded over the last 18 months, with Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden (published by Laurence King) leading the way. With technology and social media meaning we’re all available 24/7 and spending hours looking at screens, some time out spent colouring in can be hugely beneficial.

The growth in mindfulness and relaxation has seen people of all ages taking to colouring. Some say that symmetry and heavily patterned images are more appealing to the brain, and it was this that started us thinking about colouring in maps last year.

We customised some extracts of our OS OpenData products to create a perfect adult colouring in environment. From the regimented layout of Milton Keynes to the curves of the River Thames through London, we picked a range of areas around Britain.

People colouring our downloadable maps last year

People colouring our downloadable maps last year

For the new book, we’ve used a range of products, but until we can share it with you, why not download our existing sheets?

Watch this space for more news about The Great British Colouring Map

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4 Responses

  1. Katie

    Love this idea. When will they be available? And will they be suitable for 9 yr olds suitable for studying geography? (Showcasing my work’s ArcGIS Online maps to my daughter’s class as part of STEM volunteering). How much will the books cost? Could you donate any for free, or which free downloads could you recommend for London Geography walks on a school trip?

    1. Hi Katie

      The colouring book is being released by Laurence King Publishing on 10 October. It’s already available for pre-order via Amazon and Waterstones and will be in stores and on our website from 10 October, costing £19.95. They are aimed at the adult colouring market, and map lovers of course, rather than as a teaching aid. We’ve stripped back the maps to remove symbols, place names and so on to make them more suitable for colouring in. There are some photos from inside the book on our OS Instagram account if you’d like to see more.

      In terms of the free downloads, they’re already available on the blog, links above, and there is a London sheet which can be downloaded. Again, it’s all stripped back to show streets and buildings only, to make it ideal for colouring in, as opposed to a map to follow for a walk.

      Our publisher has kindly donated a number of the books to pass along to our corporate charity Solent Mind, and we don’t have any further plans for free donations at the moment. We do have a good range of resources for Education on our website though https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/education/index.html

      Many thanks

    1. Jocelyn

      Geoff, do you mean is there is a colouring book that specifically includes footpaths? If so, unfortunately not. Hope this helps, Jocelyn

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