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By Daniel Slater, Sales Director, emapsite, OS Partner

Zeno 20

Zeno 20

One of the typical bugbears that field data collectors face every day is ensuring they can capture the essential information they need in the most cost-effective way.

Time on site can rapidly mount up when you can’t find fast, accurate answers to your queries straight off.

If you work for, say, a housing association, utility company or other organisation with large property holdings, the practicalities of data collection can prove costly.

It was with this common concern in mind that we came together with our friends at Leica Geosystems on a journey to help.

As you may know, Leica Geosystems make really powerful field control devices that are used all over the world. A prime example is the Zeno 20 handheld GNSS data collector. It’s a rugged, high-accuracy field device that everyone can use.  It runs on an Android operating system and it’s designed to help users collect and manage GIS and asset data.

With us being a long-standing licensed partner of Ordnance Survey, we imagined what it would be like if you could overlay OS MasterMap directly onto information held on the Zeno 20. An on-demand data access route if you like.

Our initial trials showed it would indeed work wonders, so we pressed ahead with further development and are delighted to have come up with what we believe is a true ‘industry-first’: we’re now delivering OS MasterMap direct to Zeno 20 users through our continuously updated web map service (WMS).


This innovation has real potential to make it easier for field workers across Great Britain to capture high accuracy data for a low-cost subscription. We believe it is exactly what property data-rich organisations have been looking for. By transforming the availability of detailed mapping, it makes it so much easier for their field workers to answer all kinds of queries about their sites and properties.

The level of detail, accuracy and currency available through the service will be hugely valuable. Users have the added reassurance that our WMS is fully compliant with the Open Geospatial Consortium and that the OS MasterMap data they use is delivered under licence.

With this partnership, Zeno 20 users now have easy and convenient access to the most accurate mapping data from Ordnance Survey meaning they are more productive and better informed while undertaking their daily tasks. By enhancing the user experience and ensuring easier map making, our service will reduce time on site and promise a more cost-effective working practice.

To read our press release, visit http://leica-geosystems.com/en-gb/about-us/news-room/news-overview/news-detail?id=6694. To find out more, and order the Zeno MasterMap Service, visit http://www.emapsite.com/referral/leica-zeno/.

Want to find out more about how OS surveyors work to capture Britain’s changes shown in OS MasterMap? See our blog.

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5 Responses

  1. Chris Hills

    Is the Zeno 20 able to accurately record ETRF89 coordinates (and thus OSGB36 via OSTN15) or does it only record ephemeral GPS coordinates (and thus introducing error from plate drift)?

    1. Hi Chris

      I checked with the lovely people at emapsite and they tell me that the simple answer is yes.

      The Zeno 20 can record centimetre accuracy positioning by using the Leica SmartNet GNSS Real-time Correction service which is based on the OS active reference stations. The Zeno 20 records the ETRF89 coordinates and on-the-fly converts them to OSGB36 grid coordinates using the OSTN15 & OSGM15 transformations. Each measurement recorded can be viewed in the appropriate coordinate format as required by the user.

      Many thanks

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