Win a copy of The Great British Colouring Map

GB Colouring Map COVER FINALYou may have heard that we teamed up with publishers Laurence King to release a new book, The Great British Colouring Map: A Colouring Journey Around Britain. And it’s out today!

One year on from our release of a series of downloadable colouring-in maps created using OS OpenData, comes a full book of OS maps to colour. The book will take you on an immersive colouring-in journey around Great Britain, from the coasts and forests to the towns and countryside. Expect to see iconic cities, recognisable tourist spots and historical locations across England, Scotland and Wales via the 55 illustrations. It also includes a stunning gatefold of London.

Our cartography team stripped back the maps, removing the names and map symbols to create the perfect colouring palette if you’d like to relax and de-stress with some colouring. We’re currently supporting Solent Mind as our corporate charity and they tell us that colouring is a simple and effective way to calm the mind, occupy the hands and create a state of peace. By choosing the colours and taking your own time to create your picture, you can help focus the mind on the present, and promote wellbeing, blocking out negative thoughts.


We can’t wait to see the colour schemes used – will you follow our maps or be more abstract? Or will you keep it as a coffee-table book if you can’t bear to colour in the maps? The Great British Colouring Map: A Colouring Journey Around Britain is published by Laurence King and available in book stores, or via the OS Map Shop for £19.95.

Win a copy of The Great British Colouring Map

We have three copies of the book to give away. All you need to do is tell us which British city features in the gatefold of the colouring book. Post your answer on the blog by Sunday 30 October. Good luck!

Terms and conditions.

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472 Responses

  1. rachel cornwell

    My ideal gift, have always adored pouring over maps with my geologist dad from young age, planning walks and trips. Miss that he is no longer here to assist colouring in one….

    1. Duncan Booth


      To those saying “Blackpool”, the image they’ve given isn’t a picture of the gatefold (google “define gatefold” if you don’t know what one of those is).

      A quick search for reviews reveals the information that the book has “a stunning gatefold of London”.

      1. Johnny

        Gatefold: an oversized page in a book or magazine folded to the same size as the other pages but intended to be opened out for reading.
        From Oxford dictionaries

  2. Alan Braggins

    London – “a huge double size fold out map of central London and the Thames”. (The photos above are not of the gatefold, though the cover map is also of part of London.)

  3. Jo Woodward

    London is on the gatefold!! I can’t wait to get my paws on this book… here’s hoping either I’m a winner, or Santa is kind to me this year 😉

  4. Garry Stirr

    London is on the gate fold.
    If I don’t win one I will go out and buy one anyway and give it my wife. She love colouring and this will go on the shelf of other colouring books.

  5. Alex

    LONDON!! I am geography student and have to defend myself on a daily basis as not simply being a colourer in of maps… looks like I could be proven wrong.

  6. Leon

    London is the featured city – I love maps and this would probably be the only way to get me colouring in something 🙂

  7. Glenn Hughes

    The answer is London. Great idea to do this and may get some to help with training in DofE as they will look at the maps in more detail!

  8. Chris Reynolds

    The front of the gatefold shows the Isle of Dogs in London, but if you turn to the back, you can just see the Easternmost edge of the City of London, with Fenchurch Street Station being the most prominent landmark.

    So, my answer is the City of London.

  9. Ronnie Wishart

    Coooooooooool idea. And what a great stress buster! would love to get going on one of these. ✏️ ✏️ ✏️

    1. Ronnie Wishart

      The answer is: London
      Coooooooooool idea. And what a great stress buster! would love to get going on one of these. ✏️ ✏️ ✏️

    1. Hi Helen

      That’s a fair point. But (and sssh, don’t tell anyone) both the term ‘gatefold’ and the name of the city needed to enter the competition are used in the article text above. The answer is there for all to see!

      Thanks, Gemma

  10. Well, it surely is London with the Thames putting the Prime Meridian and Greenwich right in the spotlight of the cover. Though it might not have been to ask for this reply in the comments, as it makes it easier for everyone to post the correct answer 🙂

  11. Rosemary Maddy

    London is the city in the gatefold of the book.

    We love this whole idea. My daughter is really keen on geography and maps and, if she won this book, she would let all her friends choose a page to colour

  12. Thank you to everyone who entered our competition. The correct answer, as written in the text of the article, is London. We’ve just drawn three lucky winners from all of the correct entries and you’ll be receiving emails shortly. Thanks, Gemma

  13. Elaine Jenkinson


    Such a brilliant idea! Would love to win of these & keep it in my rucksack to colour in when I get semi lost (my directional skills ain’t great so why I never leave home without one of your maps)

  14. Joe Carter

    London, this would make for a humourous Christmas present for my mum, best thing is I can imagine her spending hours on it!

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