A greener, smarter 2017 with Geovation

2017 is set to be another big year for Geovation, with the team already planning the next Geovation Challenge. With the current challenge, underground assets, in full swing the team have kicked off the process of setting the theme, and most importantly the issues, which need addressing for the next challenge.

Today (4 January) the Geovation team are taking part in the Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC) to co-host a session with Shared Assets.  At the event, we’ll be launching the concept of our next Geovation challenge, focusing on greener, smarter communities/greener infrastructure. The challenge will be unveiled in Autumn 2017 and will draw heavily on the new Greenspace mapping products which launches in Spring 2017.

The ORFC session on ‘Increasing access to information on land’ aims to get people thinking about how land data and mapping can help them. The session will introduce two projects, both aimed at making information more available. The first is Land Explorer, from Shared Assets, a new website that makes it easier for growers and others, to access the information they need on land and land use. The second will introduce Geovation and begin the process of inviting ideas for to develop the Autumn Geovation Challenge, ‘Greener, Smarter Communities’.

Dr Chris Parker, Co-founder and Geovation Challenge Manager, says: “We are all connected to the land and greenspaces for our food, water, livelihoods, environment and our own health and wellbeing. At Geovation, we believe that communities are the building blocks of resilient, sustainable societies; and that the appropriate (smarter) application of location-based technologies (Geotech) can better help us manage land and green space, sustainably, for the common good. The 2017 challenge aims to look at how we can create greener, smarter communities.

“We are delighted to be participating in the ORFC and feel this is a great platform to begin our development of the 2017 challenge. I am confident that over the coming months we can build a strong challenge which will appeal to businesses, communities, and enterprises to ultimately find location-based solutions to the problems and issues identified during the challenge planning process. The timing of the challenge also supports the launch of the new Greenspace products.  I am sure this will be an important dataset for people entering the challenge and to all those with an interest in best managing land for shared social, environmental and economic benefit.”

The much-loved ORFC is a unique gathering of the UK’s sustainable and organic food and farming movements. It will offer a practical mix of on-farm advice, showcasing new techniques for best practice in agroecological farming, and discuss the global food system, including economic and trade policies that affect British farming, and more.

If you are interested in the 2017 challenge and want to receive updates and information please email challenge@geovation.uk

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