MP puts new hospital developments on the map

Our surveying team were given a helping hand to capture the latest changes at Southampton General Hospital on Friday. Alan Whitehead, MP for Southampton Test, joined our surveyor Tony Vanderhoek to officially add the new hospital multi-storey car park to the geospatial database for Great Britain. During the visit the surveying duo also captured the modifications to the entrances at both the main hospital building and A&E.

Alan Whitehead MP and Tony surveying the hospital entrance

Alan Whitehead MP and Tony surveying the hospital entrance

Every day thousands of updates and amendments are made to Britain’s geospatial database, which contains over 500 million geographic features. We use a team of 250 surveyors, supported by aerial imagery, to survey and map the changing face of the nation. Using the latest GPS technology, our surveyors can map to centimetre accuracy, ensuring that Great Britain remains one of the most accurately mapped nations on the planet.

During the survey of the hospital, Alan donned the hi-vis vest and received a quick introduction into the state of the art surveying kit. Alan was soon up to speed and began adding the new features and changes to the digital map.

Alan Whitehead MP, said: “It was a great experience to join Ordnance Survey and to see how they map our local area. I was amazed by the level of detail and accuracy of the data, and feel very proud to have added the new developments at the hospital to the official map of Great Britain.

“Ordnance Survey play an important part in all our day to day activities with their data being used by many customers and markets delivering valuable and essential products and services. OS is far more than a paper map company, their data is relied on by utility companies, transport, local and central government, asset management and the emerging areas of driverless cars and smart cities.”

Tony added: “I was very impressed with Alan’s attention to detail and the help he provided on the day capturing the developments at this important location. The hospital is a site which I have been monitoring for some time and it is great to get the new additions onto the OS database.”

Tony has been a surveyor with us for 30 years. He works in and around Southampton capturing the cities changing landscape, surveying everything from mini roundabouts to the new Lidl depot.

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