Report a Flooded Property app for emergency responders

All year around, Britain’s emergency responders need to be ready to deal with crises and disruptive events –from natural disasters to deliberate attacks. The emergency response community can access a secure information-sharing platform called ResilienceDirect, which is underpinned by OS location data through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA).

Flooded houses

Flooded houses

At this time of year, the weather can make natural disasters more likely. Following the extreme weather of December 2015, the government set up the National Flood Resilience Review to assess how the country can be better protected from future flooding.

How have we responded to this? We’ve developed a new reporting capability within the existing ResilienceDirect mapping platform that will help gather data on reported flooded properties. The Report a Flooded Property app shows on a map where properties have been reported as flooded (which could also identify a more widespread flooding problem). Field staff can then be sent out to assess the reports first hand.

The new app is in line with the National Flood Resilience Review’s agenda to improve how we respond to flood incidents, and how we assess the resilience of local infrastructure.

It can also be re-used for other similar situations such as problems with heavy snow.

A suite of complimentary applications for the resilience community will be hosted on the RD Hub. Data will be provided by OS as well as a variety of other sources ensuring interoperability while retaining the integrity of each service. We’re pleased to be supporting partners who are working with us to create apps to keep GB safe in a crisis.

Want to find out more about ResilienceDirect and how it benefits emergency responders? Watch this:

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