7 years of OS OpenData and 2 years of OS Open Map – Local

Released in beta format in March 2015, five years into our OS OpenData journey, OS Open Map – Local rapidly became our most popular open data offering with almost 400 downloads every week. Having released the full V1 for OS Open Map – Local last November, we have just released a refresh of our most detailed street-level open data product.

All of the buildings in OS Open Map – Local styled by our GeoDataViz team

We developed OS Open Map – Local following feedback from the opendata user community who asked for greater flexibility, more building detail and more options for customising of the data. It’s the ideal dataset to provide a backdrop for integrating and visualising other analytical datasets. There’s an enhanced level of detail for buildings – including functional sites such as hospitals and schools, an extended naming of roads and an extensive set of cartographic names optimised for digital styling and presentation.

The flexible and easy-to-use vector dataset shows urban and land features across Britain and is designed to work with other OS OpenData products, offering consistent styling and links with them. It’s available in GML 3.2 and ESRI Shapefile with vector and raster versions available depending on users’ needs.

Consistent with OS OpenData product OS VectorMap District in terms of appearance, OS Open Map – Local can be styled to look and feel the way you want, to emphasise key information or your own data.

OS Open Map – Local

Version 1.0 included more roads than the beta version, presenting a clearer story of the road network and how to access key important buildings. Schools, hospitals and transport hubs are included, but also notable navigational aids such as churches, sports facilities, post offices and more.

Did you know?

Features in OS Open Map – Local

How are you using OS Open Map – Local?

We’ve seen some great examples of uses such as John Murray (below), but would love you to share more innovative uses of OS Open Map – Local’s features. Please post your links on the blog below, or tag us on Twitter @OrdnanceSurvey:

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