First public view of work towards UK GEMINI 2.3

Do you use GEMINI? See the latest version and send your feedback on the new approach. Peter Parslow, our open standards lead and chair of the AGI Standards Committee explains more.

AGI has long-maintained UK GEMINI, a guide to creating metadata for geospatial resources. Local authorities and major data publishers like ourselves, ONS, BGS, Defra all use GEMINI to describe our products – datasets and services. These records are then collated automatically to data.gov.uk, and on the European INSPIRE portal. The records in data.gov.uk can also be accessed directly from within desktop GIS tools like Arc Desktop and QGIS, by using the OGC Catalogue Server interface, and by other tools by using the CKAN API described at https://data.gov.uk/data/metadata-api-docs. There’s ongoing work in Europe to integrate this approach more with mainstream web search engines – at present, it is a bit ‘geo specialist’!

That’s all pretty technical, what does it do? It provides a consolidated shop window for geospatial datasets from across the UK (and across Europe, in the EU portal) – one place to go if you’re not sure who has what data, or what web services are providing access to data.

We are pleased that AGI sits at the centre of this aspect of the National Information Infrastructure, and we’re happy to be helping AGI update GEMINI with lessons learned, and to take account of revised INSPIRE guidelines. But the main change this year is to incorporate material previously managed separately by Defra and the UK Location Programme. The work is being funded by Defra, and we’re working closely with other organisations like ONS, BGS, MEDIN, Edina, and several independent experts.

For a taste of the new consolidated structure, currently with GEMINI 2.2 content, see restructured GEMINI. Any comments on this new approach should be made as described at http://agi.org.uk/gemini.

Note: this will not include any changes related to the publication of ISO 19115-1:2014; GEMINI will remain based on ISO 19115:2003.

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2 Responses

    1. Apologies Martin, I’ve added the correct link in now. It should be http://csw.data.gov.uk\geonetwork\srv\en\csw?service=CSW&version=2.0.2&request=GetCapabilities

      That correctly returns a page of XML – because it’s intended to be used from in a software client (ArcGIS, QGIS) – the URL needs to be pasted into the configuration of those tools.

      Many thanks, Gemma

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