Building smart and happy cities

By Peter Hedlund, Managing Director of Ordnance Survey International

Ensuring quality of life in our cities is a complex challenge, but essential to making it happen is up-to-date and accurate land information. The emergence of Internet of Things technology such as autonomous vehicles, is driving the development of smart cities in many metropolitan areas around the world.

Dubai has set itself the goal of being the world’s smartest and happiest city. To achieve this vision, a smart city initiative has been launched to explore energy, environment, infrastructure and mobility. Geospatial data will be a key component and tool enabling services in each of these domains.

The aim for Smart Dubai is to collaborate with private sector and government partners to deliver efficient, seamless, safe and city experience for residents and visitors.

To learn from other global cities, OS took the Smart Dubai Government Establishment (SDGE) on a tour visiting city administrations to benchmark best practice approaches including Los Angeles Mayors Office, Sant Cugat (Barcelona) Municipality, Transport for London, Greater London, the Geovation Hub and Manchester City Council.

Ordnance Survey International is working with our partner Nexgen Advisory in Dubai to review and document the current state of geospatial activity within Dubai; to assess market requirements, investigate best practice for the smart use of geospatial technology to improve citizen services and develop a product roadmap to meet future needs.

If you’d like to know more about our Smart projects across the globe, please contact us.

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