Greenspace joins OS OpenData

OS Open Greenspace launches today, becoming the latest free product available as OS OpenData. The new open dataset will help communities, businesses and developers to create products and services that will encourage healthier and greener lifestyles.

A Government initiative to make it easier for people to locate and access greenspaces launched with the release of our open dataset and maps every publicly accessible recreational and leisure greenspace in Great Britain.

OS Open Greenspace showing Southsea

You can access the data, covering all of Britain’s urban greenspaces, through our OS OpenData download page.  OS Open Greenspace contains data from us and other sources, and you can also see it immediately through our free OS Maps service and app.

What’s included in OS Open Greenspace?

Since the Greenspace map was announced by the Government in 2015, we’ve been working with a large number of businesses and Government partners to build the dataset. OS Open Greenspace includes the location and extent of recreational and leisure features and, for larger sites, their access points.

Greenspaces highlighted in Newcastle

The data includes every public park and garden in Great Britain, every play space, playing field, golf course, tennis court, bowling green, allotment and more.

Bear in mind this is largely looking at publicly accessible greenspace in urban areas – so it doesn’t include our National Parks, people’s gardens, general countryside and farmland, or other privately-owned greenspaces.

OS Open Greenspace is looking at urban greenspaces, not our countryside and National Parks

OS Open Greenspace in numbers

Urban dwellers often think they’re miles from the nearest greenspace, but around the country, we’ve found more parks, allotments and play areas than you might think. Both Nottingham and Birmingham have greenspace covering over 15% of their area. Highlights around the country include:

  • Leeds has 91 bowling greens
  • Glasgow has 340 play spaces
  • Birmingham has 93 public parks and gardens
  • Bristol has 114 allotments or community growing spaces
  • Cardiff has 11 golf courses

OS MasterMap Greenspace

We’ve also produced OS MasterMap Greenspace, a public-sector version of the greenspace map made available through the Public-Sector Mapping Agreement and One Scotland Mapping Agreement. OSMM Greenspace contains the location of all publicly accessible and non-accessible greenspaces and we hope the dataset will prove instrumental in helping the public sector create and manage health and wellbeing strategies, various environmental initiatives and more.

Access OS Open Greenspace

We’ve made the data open and freely available to access and begin experimenting and creating with. We would love to know how you are using the data, so please share your examples with us here on the blog, or tweet us @OrdnanceSurvey.

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5 Responses

  1. Its’ wonderful to see the OS Greenspace products go live. It’s been great working with Ordnance Survey and colleagues from a wide range of organisations to realise the vision of a GB-wide greenspace map available as both open data and MasterMap layer. Well done all

  2. Martin Petchey

    The map is seriously wrong when it comes to Milton Keynes – it seems to leave out all of the Parks Trust land; and most of the green space in the built up areas.

    1. Hi Martin

      If you spot anything you think is missing, please email our customer services team and they can check it out and see if it fits the product specification and needs to be added. They’re available on customerservices@os.uk

      Many thanks

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