August 24, 2017


A technological and geospatial revolution?

By Neil Dewfield, Principal Consultant, Ordnance Survey International

Why does it matter how geospatially mature you are? What impact does geospatial maturity have on life chances, on government policy making, on a nation’s economy?

It feels as though we’re at a moment in history where these questions are being asked increasingly often. And I sense we’ll look back on this as a time of revolutionary change in the geospatial world. Tech development has been exponential over the last decade, creating a brave new world of opportunities to harness geospatial intelligence for societal good. High-quality geographic data can now power effective decision and policy making in government; it can support sustainable growth and deliver real benefits to a whole nation. Being able accurately to locate assets and resources and to know how they’re being used helps authorities design and focus public services, and to engage and involve citizens in this process. And, as cities get smarter, changes to how these services work can be made in near real time. Read More