OS represented on Smart London Board

Congratulations to Miranda Sharp, Head of our Smart Cities Practice, who was recently appointed to the Smart London Board. The advisory panel is responsible for shaping the vision and strategy for London’s smart cities agenda and investment in data infrastructure. It will advise the Mayor on implementation of new digital technologies aimed at the highest level of performance across London’s infrastructure, utilities and public services.

As a Board Member, Miranda will be able to advise on how location technology and data can be used to support mayoral strategies and policies ensure the best outcomes for Londoners and for the whole country.

Miranda said, “It’s fantastic to see the power of location data recognised and for OS to join in opening up opportunities for showcasing the best new digital public services and to improve efficiency of existing services. I look forward to providing expertise, building on our Smart Cities partnerships in Manchester’s CityVerve project, Bournemouth’s 5G study and our work with Connected Autonomous Vehicles to shape a Smart London.”

Find out more about our Smart Cities work on our website.

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