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Did you know that our Partner A-Z Maps is also the official mapping partner for the National Trails of England and Wales? They reproduce our 1:25,000 data (as used in our own OS Explorer maps) to cover the 16 long distance paths that are official National Trails. Ideal if you have a long distance summer adventure planned!

Their A-Z Adventure Series is in a convenient book format with an index to places of interest, towns, villages and features. Their books cover nearly all the 15 National Trails, and they’re aiming to complete the set by autumn 2017. Latest releases include the Norfolk Coast Path and the Yorkshire Wolds Way.

There are 15 complete National Trails which vary in length from 79 to 630 miles. Meanwhile the 16th, the England Coast Path, is opening in sections aiming to be completed by 2020. When finished the path will be 2,795 miles long making it the longest waymarked coastal path in the world. The most recent section to open is the 65-mile Camber to Ramsgate section which A-Z have covered in two separate maps which, for the first time for A-Z, are printed on weatherproof paper.

Whether you are a serious hiker aiming to complete a whole National Trail, or you simply want a blast of fresh air on a well-maintained route, there is something for everyone. The clearly marked routes mean that it is easy to walk small sections of the trail, allowing a welcome refreshment stop at a cafe or pub.

You can find out more about the National Trails at www.nationaltrail.co.uk

See the range of A-Z Adventure Atlases and maps at www.az.co.uk/nationaltrails

Want to win a copy?

We have five copies to give away: two Hadrian’s Wall Path, two Offa’s Dyke Path and one Minehead to Brean Down section of the England Coast Path. For the chance to win, just comment on the blog, telling us which National Trail is the shortest? Post your answers by midnight on Thursday 17 August. Winner map selections will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

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108 Responses

  1. Gary D

    The Yorkshire Wolds Way is shortest. (I had thought it was the Ridgeway until I checked – you learn something new every day!)

  2. Mark Jones

    The yorkshire wolds way is the shortest national trail at 79 miles.
    the shortest national trail of the three featured in this blog is Hadrians wall path at 84 miles.

  3. Sarah Davies

    The Yorkshire Wolds Way. I’ve always fancied walking a trail, rather than just going walking for the day. This sounds like a good one to start off with!

  4. Michael C.

    As a complete trail (rather than any of the yet to be joined up sections of the Coast Path) is The Yorkshire Wolds Way

  5. Tim O'Riordan

    Competition entry:
    Yorkshire Wolds Way (79 miles).

    But – the English Coastal Path is incomplete and split into sections. So the answer could be the North East section of the ECP (68 miles), or the even the Cumbria section (22 miles).

  6. RH

    Currently walking the Pennine Way, in stages, and it’s great being on the backbone of England and being able to see Manchester to the west and Yorkshire to the East from the same position.

    Assuming you ignore the 15 mile spur to Tomintoul, The Speyside Way at 65 miles is the current shortest National Trail.

  7. Julian Norris

    Yorkshire Wolds Way is usually considered the shortest , however Peddars Way is actually shortest, but usually combined with the Norfolk Coast Path.

  8. Joshua

    The Peddars Way is surely a National Trail in it’s own right at 46 miles although often listed together with the Norfolk Coast Path.
    The Speyside Way would be next at 65 miles followed closely by The Great Glen Way at 73 miles.
    Surely the most prolific answer so far as The Yorkshire Wolds Way cannot be correct as it’s 79 miles long

  9. The Yorkshire Wolds Way, at 79 miles, is the shortest (I’m assuming the Peddars Way and Norfolk Coastal Path are being treated as one trail as they are usually listed?)

  10. Lia Turner-Instance

    The Peddars Way is the shortest (as it is a National Trail in it’s own right although often linked with the Norfolk Coast Path)

  11. Matthew Eggerton

    The answer is the Yorkshire Folds Way. I have to admit I needed to do the research to discover this fact. Then scrolled down to enter and saw all of the answers above. Enjoyed finding out about the English Coast Path along the way though.

  12. James Harris

    It depends if you count The Peddars Way as a National Trail in its own right. If so, then that is the shortest; if not, then The Yorkshire Wolds Way is the shortest.

  13. Sarah Merrall

    I’ve walked parts of several of them but my husband & I would love to do the whole Hadrians Wall path.
    The shortest of the 16 is the Yorkshire Wolds way.

  14. Thank you to everyone who entered! We’ve just emailed 5 lucky winners who correctly identified the answer. If you’re wondering, the answer was the Yorkshire Wolds Way at 79 miles long. For those who said it was the Peddars Way, note that the Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path are treated as one National Trail at 93 miles long. There’s a lot more detail on the National Trail website, but essentially, the two became joined as a Long Distance Path in 1986 in a ceremony performed by the Prince of Wales at Holme-next-the-Sea. In 1991 the name Long Distance Path changed to National Trail, and became the Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path National Trail.

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