September 5, 2017


Sign up for the ‘Water, Water, Everywhere’ hackathon

OS and Geovation have partnered with the RNLI and Bournemouth Council to organise a hackathon looking at how geospatial data can keep people safe in and around the water.

Join us at the Water, Water, Everywhere hack on 30 September to develop and build your great ideas.

The problem

How can we keep people safe near the water? It’s a place to relax, a source of inspiration, somewhere to have fun with friends or get the adrenaline racing and the heart pumping. But it’s also an unpredictable force that demands respect. Every year, around 190 people drown in UK and Irish waters – half of them didn’t even intend to get wet. Drowning is a problem – and we need to solve it. Read More