Roman Britain as you’ve never seen it before

We do love a different take on a map, and Sasha Trubetskoy provided that with his London Underground-style map of Britain’s Roman roads. This historic map with a difference proved hugely popular recently and was a follow-up on Sasha’s work on a European map.

Created using information researched from the Pelagios digital map and the site Roman-Britain.co.uk, the road network then needed to be simplified. Sasha admitted that he had some tough choices on which cities to include, but tried to remain as faithful to the actual geographical location of cities as was practical.

The finished map has a completely different feel to our own map of Roman Britain. One of the OS Historical map series, our map provides an overview of almost 400 years of history. Part map and part historical guide, the whole of Great Britain is covered in a double-sided sheet. It includes a list of key dates, events and archaeological evidence. Sites and museums are listed along with recommended reading for more information on the period.

Produced at a scale of 1:625,000, Roman Britain overlays historic names, sites and roads onto a current map background. It includes the latest advances in our knowledge of Roman military sites, roads and place names.

We worked with Historic England, Historic Environment Scotland and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales to compile the data on the map. This helped us ensure that our key could identify sites such as villas, legionary fortresses, roads, temples and much more.

Ideal as a fascinating possession for the interested and enthusiastic historians of today, Roman Britain’s available on our Map Shop, along with the Ancient Britain map in our Historical Map Series.

Win a copy of our Roman Britain map

We have one copy of our map to give away. For the chance to win, tell us what was the Roman name for the city of Winchester? Post your answer on the blog by midnight on Thursday 7 September.

Terms and conditions.

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302 Responses

  1. Jean Mottershead

    Venta Belgarum. The name “Venta” refers to its position as a market town from the “Low Latin” verb “to sell” and was the market town of the Belgae.

  2. Simon Gowing

    Venta Belgarum
    A Market Town (From Venta – “To Sell”) of the Local Tribe (The Belgae) who populated Northern France (Gaul), Belgium, and Southern Netherlands and eventually gave their name to Belgium (Gallia Belgica).

  3. David Hazelden

    Venta Belgarum. I used to live there (although not in Roman times!), it’s a fascinating city that’s full of history and well worth a visit!

  4. Fran Peacock

    Venta Belgarum! I love this map. I’ve been poring over it repeatedly and cross referencing with current OS maps. That Romantic Britain map is going on my Christmas list.

  5. Helen Peabody-Rolf

    The Roman name for the city of Winchester was Venta Belgarum.

    What a brilliant map! great idea to fuse ancient and (more!) modern, it works so well 😉

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