The Dark End of the Street

Are these some of Britain’s most scariest streets and gruesome roads, ask the batty guys and ghouls of Ordnance Survey this Halloween?

The picturesque Lancashire village of Appley Bridge sits in the Douglas Valley near the Leeds and Liverpool canal. To find the village you need to come off the M6 at junction 27 and go a few miles west before heading south when you reach the B5375. What makes this village extra special when Halloween rolls around is that despite being relatively small, it is home to a number of street names that lend themselves fabulously well to Halloween: Back Skull House Lane, Skull House Mews and Skull House Lane.

The village also has the dubious distinction of being the only place in the country where you’ll find ‘skull’ in a street name. Why?

Well, even more chilling and totally in keeping with the spirit of Halloween, Appley Bridge is also home to Skull House cottage, and kept in this residence is a skull, thought to be a monk dating back to Civil War times, which brings bad luck to anyone who attempts to remove it.

Continuing the superstitious theme. In witchcraft, black cats are said to be demons in disguise. Anyone who believes in this will instantly recoil from a black cat crossing their path, recognising it as a harbinger of doom, a sign of their impending and extreme grisly bad luck. So, what would these superstitious folks say if they were in Northampton and instead of a black cat crossing their path they instead had to cross Black Cat Street?

With such a rich history, it’s hardly surprising that London contains many strange and horror inspired street names. Take Bleeding Heart Yard, as a prime example. Just how did it gain such a vivid and disturbing name?

In vivid and disturbing circumstances, that’s how.

It is said Bleeding Heart Yard is a tribute to Lady Elizabeth Hatton, whose murdered body was found there: “torn limb from limb, but with her heart still pumping blood.”

If we take a short boat ride across the Solent from the Ordnance Survey office to the Isle of Wight you might just find the perfect Halloween street, which is also one of the most haunted places in Britain thanks to yet more gory tales from history.

Betty Haunt Lane is so-called because of Betty, who two centuries ago was murdered by smugglers. As you have probably have guessed by now, Betty is said to haunt the lane. The pub at the end of the lane, the Blacksmiths Arms, was the scene of not one, but two murders, the victims of which are also said to haunt the area.

Even so, thanks to the legendary films, maybe the place to be this Halloween is Elm Street, and with 86 of them to be found across the country it should be relatively easy to find one. Just don’t choose the one where Freddy hangs out.

We would love to see your pictures of you, friends and family in Halloween costumes standing next to scary street names.

The top ten most popular Halloween themed street names


Street name Number of streets called this in Great Britain
Dark Lane 158
Cemetery Road 134
Elm Street 86
Cemetery Lane 35
Dead Lane 11
Lantern Close 8
All Hallows Road 6
Cemetery Street 4
Devil’s Lane 4
Cemetery View 3

Some of our favourite Halloween themed street names

 Street name Number of streets called this in Great Britain
Giant’s Grave Road 2
Warlock’s Close 2
Cauldron Meadows 2
Goblin Hill 1
Crucifix Lane 1
Devil’s Causeway 1
Lantern Pike View 1
Bare Bones Road 1
Blood Hill 1
Stake Road 1
Scythe Way 1
Spirit Drive 1
Pumpkin Hill 1
Slaughter Road 1
Dark Walk 1
Spider Lane 1



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