Autumn Budget announcement on Geospatial Commission

By Nigel Clifford, Ordnance Survey Chief Executive 


It was great to see ‘geospatial’ highlighted in the Autumn Budget on Wednesday. 


Geospatial data already supports a wide range of economic activity and there is a significant opportunity to generate growth through more effective, co-ordinated use of the vast range of geospatial data captured and managed on behalf of government. In light of this, we look forward to working with the Geospatial Commission to investigate ways to capture the full potential of that growth as it co-ordinates the geospatial agenda for the country. 


We will work with Government to support the development of the Geospatial Commission and its agenda. We’ll also be exploring how to open up our OS MasterMap data to UK-based small businesses in particular, either under an Open Government Licence or via an alternative mechanism. 


Geospatial has a very important role to play in exciting initiatives, many of which were referenced in the Budget, such as the rollout of a 5G network, building smart cities, the national infrastructure and connected and autonomous vehicles, all areas where we are already actively working. 


Above all we will continue to maintain the high-quality data our customers expect and ensure we remain a mapping agency with data and expertise fit for the future.

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